We all know to stay away from poisons, and if you didn’t congratulations, your life till today is nothing short of a miracle. So, that means no to elements like Mercury were injecting a 200mg dose would kill you.

Well maybe it won’t, but I am not an expert on this. Try it at your own risk.

You can also try something called Polonium. One gram of this vaporize substance can wipe out 50 million people.

Well here’s another fun fact, did you know that 70 cups of coffee contain enough caffeine to kill a 70-kilo person?

Suddenly being overweight doesn’t sound so bad right.

Well, this amount of caffeine can trigger heart palpitations or even cardiac arrest.

If you prefer alcohol as your favorite beverage of choice.

Booze Babe

Well, for you 13 consecutive shots could be lethal too. Because alcohol is depressant the area in the brain controlling basic life functions of life, like breathing and heart rate begin to shut down.

Too much liquid, in general, can be dangerous as well. Though it takes a lot of water to intoxicate you. Roughly around 6 to 7 liters can cause brain cells to swell leading to increase in brain mass like Mojo Jojo in extreme cases or a headache, seizures, comas or even death in normal cases.

Wait this doesn’t mean drinking no water is your way out of this mess.

Consuming too much of salt your cells will start to shrink, leading to a condition known as hypernatremia. 48 tablespoons of your favorite seasoning as once, is enough to trigger this reaction, also leading to seizures, comas or even death.

Stick your head under water or simply hold your breath and it takes only 4 minutes without oxygen to cause severe brain injury and at 6 minutes you might die for good. But in some cases, some free divers have been able to hold their breath for over 20 minutes.

No, I am not considering Aquaman’s record.

Well, cherries can also deprive you of oxygen.

Say what??

If you ever swallow a cherry pit, you shouldn’t worry much just don’t bite, okay.

Little Packers of Poison

One or two ground cherry pits contains enough cyanide to take you down.


Chemistry my friends, cyanide ions inhibit the enzyme Cytochrome C oxidase causing your cells to be unable to use oxygen.

Speaking of a lack of oxygen, it at around 8,000 feet above sea level that our body can no longer acclimatize to limited oxygen. “The Death Zone” in terms of mountaineering.

Simply being too tall can also kill you. In the 1930s, Robert Pershing Wadlow reached 8’11”. This height put severe stress on his circulatory system and structural pressure on his bones and he died at the age of 22.

Researchers have hypothesized that every inch above 5 feet takes 1.3 years off your life.

If you are worried about your pet’s life, you may have heard not to give them chocolate. The same chemical, Theobromine, can kill us too.

Though our bodies metabolize theobromine more effectively though with 1000 mg/kg lethal to humans that are 86 full sized chocolate bars at once.

Sweet Poison

You may want that many chocolate bars after getting high. However, you would need to eat 22kg of marijuana to be at risk of death.

Smoke it and the amount required to overdose is comically high. Approximately 680kg of weed within 15 minutes would induce the lethal dose.

Not sure it’s the smoke that kills you or the weed, though.

Like music sounds fun. But don’t go above 185db. The amount of air pressure from this can burst your lungs, or alternatively create an embolism that travels to your heart.

It may also keep your neighbors up all night, well it’s not clear how long your body can survive without sleep. Studies on rats who have gone continuous sleep deprivation lasted around 2 weeks before dying. The world record in humans is just over 11 days.

No, the guy is still alive, I mean he didn’t die of lack of sleep but suffered from some short-term side effects.

Well if all these doesn’t kill you then living too long will definitely kill you.

So, till you die, stay happy and keep reading our articles. Well, by the way too much of laughter can also kill you.