With ever-growing conflicts between different Nuclear powers the talks of world war 3, is getting more and more serious. And the Third world war is most probably a complete nuclear war.

Well, that’s what every conspiracy theorist say’s.

So, the idea of a nuclear war is pretty intense and not something a very many people on this earth have ever experience. So, here I am with a list of things that can help you save your ass during a nuclear war.

Let’s begin.

No 1: Emergency Supply Kit

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

Yes, this is the part where you start taking notes. Ready??

You will need water, a lot of it, and Nonperishable food items that will last you not weeks but months. You also want to think about things batteries. When a nuclear bomb goes off it gives off an EMP wave that fries all electronic chip driven devices. So, no mobiles computers etc. Say bye-bye to your 21st-century means of communication. What will come handy is your old dusty grandfather’s radio and battery driven torchers. So yes, store a lot of those as well. And finally, some basic medicines will always come in handy.

No 2: Shelter

A Must Have Bomb Shelter

A Must Have Bomb Shelter

Yes, you need to worry about shelter. No, Your MOM can’t help you with this.

What I am talking about is a proper shelter, something like from 13 clover field lane. But there are some additional things you need to know. There is a difference between a blast shelter and a fallout shelter. For the blast shelter, what you are going to need is a lot of concrete.

Yes, Ambuja cement might work, but don’t complain I haven’t tested it.

So, if you are in a house get to the basement if you’re in a high-rise get to the middle of the building away from the windows.

When it comes to the fallout you don’t need to have a specific type of shelter. You need to have a thick roof and thick walls, clog all windows and air gaps so no dust comes in. And lastly, you need two-week worth supplies because that’s how long it’s going to take for the radiation outside to decay.

Yes, only after two weeks you can come out to check what happened to you annoying neighbor and the rest of the world.

So, what happens if you are outside?

Well don’t get me wrong, you won’t survive the blast in the first place, but if you do try finding a shelter in 20 minutes that the average time for the fallout to come in contact with your immediate surrounding and also another thing “don’t look at the blast”.

Even if you are observing the blast in your periphery, you will suffer from temporary flash blindness. It’s a real big issue when you are trying to figure out how to save your ass and find shelter.
If you look directly at the blast, you will have macular retinal scarring.

Yes, it’s as scary as it sounds.

It decreases your site permanently and causes blindness.

No 3: Clean Yourself

Because Shower Is Cool

Because Shower Is Cool

No, I am not kidding, remove all your clothes immediately and take a shower. This can help getting up to 90% of radioactive materials off your body. Gently blow your nose, wipe your face, and don’t scratch yourself. And don’t use conditioners, they bond with the radioactive dust and makes it difficult to wash them off your body.

If you can’t take a shower, then take a warm wet cloth and wipe yourself with it.

No, it’s not the same but something is better than nothing.

No 4: Save Yourself

Dont Be A Hero

Don’t Be A Hero

Yes, be selfish, you can’t save everyone, best case scenario, you will survive. There will be a lot of casualties and no such things as an immediate rescue from your own government and other international bodies.

The best thing you can do is to secure your position first and then identify people who you think will survive and try helping those.

I know, it’s a horrible situation but that’s all you can do. And you never know people you leave behind can end up with superpowers. But, you personally don’t try anything like that okay.