Hyderabad, the best place to live is the city of pearls and also well known for the mouth-watering dum biryani. The world famous paradise biryani served with the crispy leg pieces and spicy masala. Munching with crispy leg pieces with the hotly served yummy spicy Biryani is bliss. Yes, you’re right! Your guess is absolutely correct. You are gonna know a little more about the Hyderabadi’s food staple from this article. Dedicated to all the foodies out there.

Let’s go…

The foodie started with Irani chai accompanied with the Osmania biscuit at the Charminar. Fondly known for the hotness of the chai and softness of the biscuits, served in cleanly washed white cup and saucer. Most of the chai lovers would love to sip the chai from the saucer. It’s good to feel every pinch of the hotly served chai and say ‘mmmm..’ out of satisfaction.

And dear foodie, every lane of Hyderabad have the best tiffin centers all steamed up with soft round idly’s. Idly with chutney made out of coconut and ginger and sambar. With all veggies summed up with delicious finger licking sambar make the idly stand as the pride of South India. And the fatso puri with aloo kurma will never be your secondary item for a tummy full morning.

The best restaurants like the Minerva coffee shop for the vacants, well known for its grounded coffee. The Minerva coffee shop is also famous for North and South cuisines. The Chutneys with the specialty of Chiranjeevi dosa and baba idly extremely served for all the south Indian lovers. The Punjabi Santosh Dhaba with the spicy Manchuria and paneer butter masala as a best serve out of their menu.

And for the non-veg lovers, you have the barkhas mandi which serves the best biryani in a big sized plate with a capacity of 3 people. To give Hyderabadi feel, the arrangement was done with the carpets that are laid on the floor.  A small table centered is good enough to hog the food. It makes yourself settle freely to hog the yummy food.

And after such amazing lunch go, get amazing dessert at Muscati ice cream or faluda or lassi from Galaxy lassi near Chanchalguda jail?

Snacks?! Say no more…

After such a rush to yummy food make sure you even try the hot mirchi with green chutney at the Gokul chat in Koti or yummy samosa at the alpha hotel near Secunderabad. As a token of appreciation to Hyderabad, have an aloo toast at bata or bhel puri with extra spice and onion. Don’t let go the heavily served dosa at the Ram ki bandi on the roads of Nampally.

You can’t find this dosa somewhere at midnight… when you really wanted to have something delicious craving for yummy food in Hyderabad.

Did you notice?

I am sure you have noticed it by now… I have not mentioned you about the haleem yet. It’s a wonder if someone hadn’t heard about tasty haleem. Hyderabad, well-known for the Ramzan season at the pista house will really let you be the best foodie. With extra ghee served along with the haleem in a polystyrene bowl and the cashews over it. This concoction will make every spoon of haleem, to feel the heaven on the tip of the tongue for one last moment of the day.of bowl and the cashews over it. This concoction will make every spoon of haleem, to feel the heaven on the tip of the tongue for one last moment of the day.

Hyderabad is the best place to taste various toothsome foods. You would be the happiest connoisseur.

Get ready to love it as a foodie.