Hey guys! I watched Ice Age: Collision Course release a couple of months ago. Ice Age: Collision Course was welcome change from the debacle Ice Age: Continental Drift was. So, here’s my review of the same. Before going further, mandatory SPOILER WARNING. There are some minor spoilers from the film. If you are fan of Ice Age and haven’t watched Collision Course yet, don’t read further.


What do you say to the idea of changing a meteorite’s path by launching rocks from earth to space…and that too in prehistoric age? Insane, right? Well, Ice Age: Collision Course does it and in grand fashion. But I wouldn’t talk about it. Why should I spoil the surprise.

Ice Age: Collision Course deals with The Herd’s adventures during another extinction level event – Meteor Showers. They are joined by a returning character – Buck, tarzenesque Weasel. He is an awesome character and I don’t know about others, but I missed him sorely in previous installment. As it turns out Buck finds a tablet detailing the catastrophe. And so he comes out from the underworld to save all.

Buck the Weasel is back!

Buck the Weasel is back!

Buck, the Weasel was funnier in Collision Course. All that you liked about him in Dawn of Dinosaur was there. We get to see the inside working of his brain, housing Neil deBuck Weasel and Pythagoras Weasel. His knowledge of magnetism and electricity was mesmerizing too. How and When did he learn that? He had major role in this installment. It’s not wrong to say that he was the most centric character with the rest revolving around him. He led the rescue mission and found the way to save earth.

The film was as much about Manny as it was about Buck. Manny has come a long way since the first film. He was always the serious member of the herd and the one to take right decision at every turn. He was almost a perfect animal; until Collision Course at least. But in this installment, Manny learns an important lesson – change is inevitable. Their daughter is all grown up and about to move out. And this has sent him to rocks. When it come to his family, Manny never was a rational one. After all, who is? But it was surprising to see that Ellie too was acting similarly. In Continental Drift, she was all about giving room to her children. And now she is singing same song as Manny.

As always, Scrat was on top in this film. Unlike other installments, he had bigger role to play. In previous films, his chase with the acorn always felt secluded and he was there for the sole purpose of comedy relief. However, in Collision Course, he was the driving force for the entire film. Right from the moment of his discovery of UFO to launching the doomsday asteroid, he served a greater purpose in overal narrative. And hey, did you know, Scrat created the Solar System and that red spot on Jupiter? The creative people behind that scene alone should get gold medals.

Too many characters competed for meager 94 minutes.

Too many characters competed for meager 94 minutes.

However, the film is far from perfect. First problem with Collision Course is its crowd. Yeah, the film feels overcrowded thanks to additional two main characters from last film joining the herd. Many characters like Shira, Nanny and Ellie are under utilized. More than that, they didn’t contribute anything to overall narrative. Though I am glad that Nanny was done away by the end of the film, there’s still too many characters. Second problem is that it overstayed its welcome. There were too many pop culture references. I am not against them, they were fun for sure, but they could have toned it down a bit. I am especially talking about prehistoric Shangri-La.

In the end, Ice Age: Collision Course was another entertaining, fun filled ride. For me, Buck was the MVP. We had some really cool pop culture references and insane animated stunts. Above all, we get to witness the history of the universe Ice Age way. No matter what the Rotten Tomatoes or other critic website says, if you are looking for fun and exciting way to spend your time and don’t mind a bit science-exaggeration, watch Ice Age: Collision Course. It will leave you satisfied for sure.

So guys, what did you think about Ice Age: Collision Course? Have you watched the movie? Did Scrat’s tryst with accorn leave you rolling on floor laughing? What are your thoughts on Buck’s scientific prowess? Comment below, let us know. Till then mate, have a good day ahead!

Ice Age: Collision Course REVIEW: Learn Prehistoric Physics With Buck!
Ice Age: Collision Course is fun, entertainment filled sequel that will keep you hooked till the end.
Music & Sound Effects50%
Cinematography & Special Effects78%
Entertainment Value70%
Thumbs Up
  • Interesting Plot
  • Improved Effects
  • Shrewd Pop Culture Reference
Thumbs Down
  • Too Many Characters
  • Pacing Irregular
77%Overall Score
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