iDubbbzTV vs Tana mongeau Highlights!!!

A lot has gone down in the last week in the youtube community and we are all picking sides in this drama.This week Tana mongeau (pronounced as mojo) posted a video titled “the N word” talking about her experience during her tour where a man came up to take a photograph with her and while taking the photo said “say N-word” (the hard R one, in place of saying cheese).

What actually happened. (Tana mongeau’s video)

In the video, which is around 25 minutes long and has about 3 million views right now she speaks about fearing for her life because she didn’t know how to react in the situation.She continues that man was aggressive and held her in a very tight hold saying it was close to a “choke-hold” and after he dropped the n-word she had immediate thoughts that the man was gonna harm her (saying she feared this could turn into a Christina grimmie situation and that man could have a gun or a knife) she also mentions that the tour was cut short because of this incident and she was shaken up because of it,luckily some fans caught the whole exchange on tape and the footage started circulating like wild fire.

Turns out the man in the video was the infamous content cop Ian, popularly known by his youtube name iDubbbz”. He is also a fellow Youtube videos  creator who Tana has prior to all this drama bashed multiple times on twitter as well as on live cam videos, going as far as to say that she would be happy if he loses all his limbs and that he should kill himself, tana at that time got a lot of criticism for her actions but no response from iDubbbz but after tana posted that video, iDubbbz posted a content cop against her (content cop is a series which he started where he exposes different youtubers and criticizes their content).

His response.

In the content cop iDubbbz posted for tana he annihilated her completely. He showed the actual video recording he had made, his assistant take when he met tana. He didn’t hold her tightly, she was shocked but not shaken up as she claimed and it was evident that she blew the whole situation out of proportion. iDubbbz made it clear that Tana was being an hypocrite and that he will use the N-word in the future too because he lives by the quote “if you are gonna treat one word in a negative way then you need to treat all the words in the same fashion”.Tana has got a lot of hate because of her video and has been deleting comments which were accusing her of acting like a “spoiled brat” and calling her an hypocrite. Various P.O.C youtubers have also made response videos to Tana showing their frustration to her actions.

link to idubbbz’s video

Well right now all we can do is wait for Tana’s response to his video. What are your thougts on this drama?. Who’s side are you on?. Is Tana’s career on youtube over, as a lot of people are predicting?. only time can tell.

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