Before I start off, let me ask you something. How many friends do you have? I am serious, count them. Ok, now count the number of friends who are indeed close to you. Among them, count the number of people you can actually share every thought of yours without a second thought. How big is the number now? Quite huge? Or too small to tell? Or you actually do not have one?

Don’t worry you are not going to get judged as per the categories. But you know the truth now. Don’t you? As the saying goes, it isn’t important how many people you’ve got, but that how many are worth staying around you, with you. And the only thing that distinguishes all of your friends, is your intimacy. And don’t you think this is the only factor that decides your whole relationship with someone? If yes, then you ought to act intelligently with the “intimacy scale



It so happens, more intimate you get, more your chances of getting hurt increases. I once had a really good friend who actually knew every update of my life. If you were to rate us, we were a sure 10! Then was it all that perfect cream on a cake? Rather no. Well, yes only till there was another person gaining a bit more importance, a bit more concern, with a bit more agility on things I wasn’t actually interested in. What happened next? I couldn’t count him in, in the last category, you know what. On the other hand, there is this guy who was notoriously mad, with whom I wasn’t really that close with. But yes, he did hold an important place. And I do not really find a reason to fight or hide things from him till date. Reason? He is always there at times when I needed someone to just hold me tight and tell me, it is all going to be fine. Which of these do you think is satisfactory?


Hard times are the best to test intimacy

Sometimes being too intimate seems to be precarious. And the best example I could give would be about one of my best friends. She was madly in love with a person I never actually liked, but there wasn’t much I could do about that. Yes, so I was telling that she was so madly in love with him, that she actually chose to jump off the MMTS train before it could stop, only because she couldn’t find him when he got off it. What was she thinking, that he was dead down the MMTS when he got down? Well the answer for that, neither I could find! But the only reason she tried to explain was that he was ill and that she was tensed. Should I be so content with it? I dare say but my heart actually skipped a beat when I heard the whole lot story from her.


Intimacy shouldn’t lead to wrong decisions

In a nutshell, intimacy to an extent is the most beautiful thing you could ever have. But beyond the limits, you should rather be ready to face its repercussions. Most of the times, they are beyond your wildest imaginations. It is completely on you to choose your jig for sure. So I would probably leave it to you to decide.