For a change, we decided to showcase an artist who’s not mainstream. Presenting Dean Lewis, an Australian singer cum songwriter popular for his track ‘Waves’. Dean Lewis released an EP going by the name “Same Kind Of Different” and includes the tracks ‘Waves’ and ‘Need You Now’, both which are fantastic. To be honest I’m in love with the entire EP.

It’s sad that the number of songs isn’t a lot, but that’s probably because they are great. Hopefully, there is an album coming soon. Listen to the tracks via the playlist below or click here. Unfortunately, I can’t find a Youtube link for one track ‘Adore’. You could just Spotify (widget below) it or use Apple Music. For the rest, well, I’m sorry (genuinely).


Dean talks about his songs, the meaning behind them and how he writes his lyrics. Get to understand his music from the video below

Fun Fact: Fans of Riverdale will recognize this song (sorry if your OCD kicked in while figuring it out).