Seattle born producer Jaymes Young will be releasing his first debut album “Feel Something” on the 23rd of  June. The songwriter who has been establishing a reputation for himself is know for his EP “Dark Star”, but the new album will aim to make a name for himself in the industry.

Don’t You Know:-

One of his songs “Don’t You Know” was written a few summers ago or so he says in his comment on the video (watch below). From the looks of it, the new album aims to connect with listeners and people are already loving his music. The artist manages to set himself aside from the other artists (pop) this year and this could be his ultimate breakthrough. You can listen to “Don’t You Know” right below:


Jaymes’ new album seems to portray his emotions into his music. The latest song he dropped, “Stone” begins with his soothing voice complemented with soothing keys. The song might strike the right chord with you immediately and this makes me expect a great deal from the album. You can listen to “Stone” below

In an interview with, he said that he would introduce the new album to the world with some heavy touring. While he writes songs himself, and he doesn’t stop, he doesn’t have a band. He’s been working with hired people and mentioned two people Kim and Tyler as they do percussion and keys.

It remains to be seen whether the entire album is as intricate as the songs we have seen, but I hope Jaymes ends up being one of the best artists this year. You can listen to “Stoned on You” below:

Fun fact:- Jaymes Young has toured with “London Grammar” and has opened for ‘Vance Joy’, the artist popularly know for “Riptide”.