This year at the San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe laid out their plans for the future movies. Amidst the theatrics of Jason Momoa and the breathtaking new trailer of the upcoming Justice League, long time fans of DC Comics must have another news to celebrate. In the list of movies Warner Bros. has released, one of the most famous comics of The Scarlet Speedster, Flashpoint, will be adapted as the first outing for the extended universe.


For those who are unaware of Flashpoint, it puts the main character, Barry Allen, in a different timeline. Barry tries to save his mother in an act of yearning and ends up changing the entire timeline. As per the butterfly effect, a small change in history becomes disastrous as a powerless Barry wakes up in a timeline where the planet is ravaged by a great war between the fiery Amazonians and the mighty Atlanteans. To worsen the situation, the Justice League doesn’t exists in the timeline. But where does Batman fit in this violent timeline?

There does exist a Batman in the changed timeline, but he is not the one casual fans are familiar with. On that fateful night at the Crime Alley, Bruce Wayne gets shot, prompting Thomas Wayne to take up the mantle of Batman. The resulting trauma causes Martha Wayne to become The Batman’s greatest nemesis, The Joker.

What makes this Batman so different is his cynicism and usage of unnecessary violence. As an aging Batman, Thomas Wayne relies heavily on guns and doesn’t have a strict moral code like Bruce Wayne’s Batman. But, as a powerless Barry Allen arrives, Thomas Wayne has a change of heart and decides to play a vital role to stop the war.

Flashpoint Batman

Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, both have portrayed their roles of Thomas and Martha Wayne in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. Till now, there has been no news regarding the complete adaptation of Flashpoint for the silver screen. If DCEU decides to adapt the original Flashpoint for the movie, it might be a safe bet to see Jeffery Dean Morgan to don the cape and Lauren Cohan to wreak havoc as The Joker.

Jeffery Dean Morgan has previously stated his enthusiasm to play The Batman and has teased the Flashpoint adaptation on his Instagram account. As Flashpoint occurs roughly 50 years before the events of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice, there is a high probability that we might witness Morgan to portray the ruthless Batman in a violent era. The Flashpoint movie might also open a new opportunity for an alternate story of Superman : Red Son, which might be adapted for live-action by Warner Bros.