It’s strange how life rolls over once it’s your turn to hold the bag and take up all the responsibilities, you weren’t really aware of until now. Well, the very purpose we strive to get a job is to live a fantastic, independent, luxurious, and a stress-free life, isn’t it?
But….it would be sooo good if getting a job would’ve been a bit easier. Not really a job, but a job which could indeed fetch you happiness and that satisfaction, when you look back. Isn’t that all we need?
Most of we humans never think of that one destination, where we really want to arrive happy. All we do is just follow the crowd, only because there is some naive person standing out there, preaching to give an excellent career guarantee to the lot, without a doubt! How? Haven’t really figured out how 😛


Following the crowd??

And hence go our regular days of life, knowing nothing but to just drift with the flow, until that day where there is another judging stone, preaching again, asking us to get into a so-called proper secured job!
A job is for us to live gleefully. It is an inevitable need in every person’s life and the regular day in the life of a job seeker is defined by his struggle and a success path. Is this what you think?
After this stroke of enlightenment, none of the regular days seem like one. And why is that so? As a matter of fact, maybe I could write a thesis on this. Yet to quote a few, I could say “You gotta study hard, be perfect with the very basics of your course, stay updated every minute, have to push yourself to think beyond your logical stream, have to face the fury of idiotic meaningless questions of the HR, yet stay with a smile on your face, read, read, though you fail, believe that there is something great out there waiting for you, so believe and read, yes read, and continue reading“. Yes, apart from all these, our friends and oh yes our family. “What would they even say, once they are aware of the fact that am jobless? How could I even roam and stay free with my employed friends? How and what should I answer my parents after all these years of struggle?“. These are the very things that circle in the brains of those job seekers, who are longing for that one good job that could relieve them from every kind of stress they are experiencing every regular day in their life.

Hunting isn't easy right?

Hunting isn’t easy right?

But there is this one question we X-out, why are we doing this? Are we doing this to make the rest of our life secured? Are we doing it because we got no other option? Are we doing this because we love it? Maybe the very answer to this question could change the whole synopsis! 
It is not necessary that you end up in a software job just because you have taken up engineering, it isn’t necessary you end up being an excellent doctor, just because you were doing MBBS, it isn’t necessary you become a ruthless lawyer because you have chosen law! What is necessary, is you to know what you wanna be, though you aren’t following the crowd this time. Maybe that engineer is an awesome writer, maybe that doctor has a very good sense in designing, maybe that lawyer is the best comedian you ever knew!

find, follow and pave your own path!

find, follow and pave your own path!

The basal thing we need to discern is that we are working for us! Only for our own self! Our parents, our friends, our employed friends, who were pretty serious and lucky to get in a good company, have no role to make you happy. You work to make your parents happy, but do something with your ardor. This is the first step we have to take to make our regular day in the stage of job seeking no less wonderful than the rest.
This very realization could bring in the lost soul in your life because ultimately, it is only that euphoria of yours that counts and to agree on this, a regular day is definitely not worth being a usual day like the rest. A regular day in the life of a job seeker need not mandatorily be a stressful pile of load, it could be fun to probe all the new opportunities around you because now, you are this cogitative person, who is on his way to make the rest of the regular days ahead more fascinating..!

P.S: This could be one of those regular random chunks you come across every day….but a healthy reminder could help tons at times..!!