What would you do if you thought that your country was on the path of tyranny? We all know tyranny and its consequences. Come on man, we have all seen it in countless movies , Star Wars anyone??

 So, the question remains, if you see one man gaining too much power, would you try to stop him?

 Let me higher the stacks , what if that one man is your closest friends and ally or your probable illegitimate father?

Then , what would you do ? Would you dare to follow your principle or would you succumb?

Well, what we will do only time and appropriate circumstances can tell but history knows what certain someone did.

Roman Senator Marcus Junius Brutus found himself in such a position in 44BCE.

Was opposing unchecked power the only reason behind Brutus’s dilema. History claims that this dilemma was not political but was a very personal issue. No, it was not a love triangle and neither was Caesar banging his wife.

The real reason was, Marcus Junius Brutus, claimed his descent from Lucius Junius Brutus. So, what?you might ask.

Well, this guy,Lucius Junius Brutus, was a roman hero famed for overthrowing the evil king Tarquin, the Proud. And in place of seizing the entire roman power for himself,  he in turn laid the foundation of a republic.This republic prevented any centralization of power. Yes, Rome became a republic, based on Brutus’s predecessor’s principle. But now four and a half centuries later this principle was threatened. Brutus’s legacy was threatened.

Caesar Being Pampered By the senate

Caesar Being Pampered By the senate

So, was Julius Caesar so powerful or was it paranoia of the senators?Let’s find out.

Julius Caesar’s rise to the powerful position of consul had been very dramatic. Years of military triumphs had made him not only the wealthiest man in Rome but also the most feared and influential persona present. And after kicking ass of his rival and only competitor at that time Pompey, the great, in a civil war, he was at the top of the world.
Julius Caesar was not only famous for his military prowess, his social and administrative initiatives, such as distributing lands to the poor, had made him very popular with the public. Statues were built, temples were dedicated, even an entire month named after him Julius aka July was introduced. Yes , we still follow it. The guy was seriously popular. So popular that after bestowing the title of Dictator several times in quick succession, they finally made him Dictator Perpetuo aka permanent dictator in 44 BCE.

All of this was too much for some of the senators, who were scared of monarchy, as well as Antony’s own powers and ambition were threatened by the rise of Caesar. Thus, giving rise to a small group of conspirators, who called themselves as the “los pepes ??” No, the liberators. Leading them were the senator Gaius Cassius Longinus and his friend and brother-in-law Brutus.

Joining the conspiracy was not an easy choice for Brutus. Even though he sided with Pompey in the civil war, Caesar had personally intervened and saved his ass. He not only pardoned him but also gave him a big promotion in his regime as a close advisor. So Nobel Brutus was hesitant to conspire against the man who treated him like a son, but in the end, Cassius’s insistence and his own fears against Caesar’s ambition won.

                            And cut to “Beware of the Ides of march”

attack in the senate

The attack in the senate

So, as it goes ,one day Caesar found himself surrounded in the senate by as many as 60 conspirators,  each of them was armed with daggers and they pounced at him from all sides. As the story goes, Caesar fought like a wounded lion until he saw Brutus.You must think that this was the time for the famous “Et Tu, Brute”, isn’t it ?But, despite the popular belief, we don’t really know what were Caesar last words. Some sources claims he said nothing, while others record the phase “And you, child?”. But , all of them unanimously agree that when Caesar saw Brutus among his attackers, he covered his face and gave up fighting.

Probably thinking what John snow thought when he was stabbed by Olly. I hate that Bastard.

mark antony's public speech after the death of Caesar

Mark Antony’s public speech after the death of Caesar

Unfortunately, for Brutus, and his band of liberators, things never went according to plan. Mark Antony Caesar’s friend and co-consul, delivered a  passionate speech at Caesar’s funeral days later, that rallied the Roman crowd into a frenzy of anger and grief against the conspirators.
The liberators were chased out of Rome,which was then followed by a series of civil wars during which Brutus facing certain defeat, took his own life.

                                                         The end…

Ironically, the ultimate result would be the opposite of what the conspirators had planned to accomplish: In short, the republic was over and Rome was stuck with what is known as Emperors. Opinions over the assassination of Caesar were divided from the start.

But the student community everywhere were always against this motion as it added an extra book in their syllabus.

And as for Brutus, very few historical characters have ever inspired such conflicting legacy.

In Dante’s “Inferno” , he was placed in the very center of hell and eternally chewed by Satan himself for his crime of betrayal. But in Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” Yes the western rip-off of “Jajantaram Mamamtaram” or it’s the other way around,the writer described him as one of the most virtuous character ever lived.

Opinions varied by “Et tu, Brutus” was etched in history forever.