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With less than 50 days to Justice League, the hype train is rapidly gaining some insane momentum. Before the Justice League’s latest trailer, which will be dropping anytime tomorrow destroys the internet, another major reveal has fueled the mass frenzy.

In the last trailer, we got a brief glimpse of the cars used by Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). In this recent video from the studio, Mercedes-Benz gives a brief description about the fancy cars our beloved characters will be driving in the movie. As Gal Gadot said in the video, “Who’s not familiar with Mercedes?”.


When you have a character like Bruce Wayne in the movie, it’s plain obvious that you ought to give some toys to the billionaire-playboy to play with for glam. If Iron Man could show off his arsenal of dream cars in the movies, why should Batman fall behind? But a stark difference (no pun intended) between these toys is their visual aesthetics. While Tony Stark symbolizes stardom and glitz, Bruce Wayne is all elegance and class. The concept model which is used in the movie is elegant, sleek and quite practical. Mercedes has built another car with a very similar design in mind for the Amazonian warrior. Deriving some attributes from Wonder Woman herself, the car is classic, powerful and drop dead gorgeous!


With a team consisting of an Amazonian, a Kryptonian, a Speedster, a living AI and an Atlantean, you need something really powerful and influential to stand out. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s money! Being rich is definitely a superpower, no arguments there.

Justice League hits the theaters on November 18, 2017.