DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Marvel Studio’s President Kevin Feige came together to pay homage to their mentor Richard Donner, who directed the iconic Superman movie starring Christopher Reeves. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held the special ceremony to commemorate Richard Donner, who revolutionized the movie industry in the 1980s. Veteran actors Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Rene Russo attended the ceremony for the reunion of Lethal Weapon and to pay tribute to the legendary filmmaker.

Marvel Studio’s President, Kevin Feige talked in length about the first Superman movie and the impact it still has on the booming era of Superhero genre. To quote Feige, “Superman the movie is still, to this day, the archetype of the perfect superhero film origin story. I hope you don’t bemoan the fact that that film has inspired all of these movies.”

Co-chairman of the DC Extended Universe, Geoff Johns talked about Donner’s passion and zest for film making. Johns particularly talked about a single incident while his time as an intern under Donner. While flipping through a rejected script of Superman, which both Feige and Johns found incessantly cheesy, Donner told them the studio’s offer to direct it. For Richard, money was never the motivation. His genuine love for the comic character and his respect for the source material made him write a better script. To quote Donner, “I had to save Superman.” He went on to explain the importance of Superman as an American icon and the need to protect it. His spirit has been inculcated in both Johns and Feige which is clearly reflected in their spectacular vision.

It’s really difficult to imagine what the Superhero Movie Industry would have turned out to be without Richard Donner’s Superman. Donner’s usage of a particular word ‘verisimilitude’, which means ‘being true’ was the major reason behind his rise to fame. Under the tutelage of Richard Donner, Kevin Feige managed to build the colossal Marvel Cinematic Universe which is now critically acclaimed by critics and fans alike. The DC Extended Universe might also follow the same path with Geoff Johns as Co-Chairman. But one thing has to be noticed, if the heads of two arch-rivals can share the stage, why cannot the DC and Marvel fans call it a truce?