Imagine Godzilla, the king of Monsters fighting alongside King Kong with the monster bashing Jaegers from Pacific Rim. Sounds too extravagant, doesn’t it? Well, it could happen if we go by the words of Pacific Rim: Uprising’s director, Steven S. DeKnight.

In a recent interview with Collider at New York Comic Con 2017, Steven S. DeKnight said that a crossover between ‘Pacific Rim’ and the ‘MonsterVerse’ (King Kong and Godzilla movies) might be possible. He gave the following statement during the interview:

“I won’t say there’s an Easter Egg but there’s been a lot of discussion about that possibility [of crossing over]. Look I think it would be fantastic to have the Pacific Rim universe join Legendary’s Monster Universe, it seems like a natural step. And part of the big overall plan after the third movie we’ve talked about is that could happen, it’s always a possibility. It’s by far not a certainty; it’s merely theoretical at this point, but as a fan myself I would love to see that happen.”

Although news of Pacific Rim and Godzilla crossing over has popped up before, there was never anything of relevance to hold on to but this statement from the director of Pacific Rim’s sequel seems quite promising. Still, there are some roadblocks which this crossover might have to face. Previously the Pacific Rim movie and the MonsterVerse movies were produced and distributed by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures but now Legendary Pictures has moved to Universal Studios. This has resulted in every future Pacific Rim movie being distributed by Universal Studios. Now if a crossover between these two franchises happens then these two major studios would have to work together.


Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for this crossover to happen despite all the issues and we, the fans, end up being the real winners. Afterall seeing Godzilla and King Kong take on Giant Robots would be a mind-blowing cinematic experience to witness.