It’s officially the most corrupt country in the world. No guys not talking about India. We didn’t even make it to the top 10. So let’s continue, Has 13 million people ready for military service and potentially has 10 nuclear warheads ready to fire at Hollywood, let’s look at some of the bizarre things that can only happen in North Korea.


In 2013 North Korea ‘s leader Kim Jong-un decided that he was going to limit the way the people in north Korea can wear their hair, yes and you thought your school was intrusive. So, he decided that there would be 28 approved hair styles, 10 for men and 18 for women and the married women can only have short hair. Well, Don’t be shocked if I tell you the army will measure the length of your hair with an actual scale. And Punishments are severe if they find it longer than the sanctioned length. Oh, I forgot No Spiked Hair.


Well if u want to live in the capital of your country, all you need to do is find a place, pack your bags and move in, and if that capital is Delhi, well don’t forget a breathing mask. But things are not the same for Pyongyang the capital of North Korea. The government believes the capital is for the most loyal or the most privileged only. Without these two qualities say “Bye Bye !!” to your wishes to live in Pyongyang.


Well, it’s mandatory for the people to vote in North Korea. Yes, they even have elections. Yes, they have a Democratic form of government. But The present leader is so loved and cherished by the people that well no one wants to contest against him, he mostly wins with 99.9% of votes. It’s not his fault that his people love him. I am serious. Don’t believe in what other says Supreme leader Kim is the greatest leader of all and I won’t be jailed if I disagree with this statement. I guess.


The law against sarcasm. Yes, you heard that right. Supreme leader Kim Jong-un in 2016 ban’s sarcasm. Well, he said “This is all America’s fault sarcasm is illegal and unacceptable. And the consequences for disobeying are particularly unfunny”. Just kidding He didn’t actually said the last part he said you and your family will be sent to labor camps where you will work day and night for the betterment of your country. No, you won’t be paid, don’t bring money in patriotism.


No Porn in North Korea. Yup, no porn is allowed in North Korea. Maybe India got its idea from them only. Who knows, but you should know another thing about this ban if caught in the act or in possession of pornographic materials the Punishment is Death. Yup, Decent people right. One another thing you can’t even watch south Korean or western movies either. The punishment is death. Well, I don’t think it’s anything wrong Supreme leader just wanted to Boost the North Korean movie industry, simple.

Six: Law against Game of thrones.

Well, Not exactly a ban against Game of thrones it’s against everything western from western Media, news. I don’t think it’s anything wrong why should the people in North Korea be bothered with anything happening outside their country. Waste of time I tell You, the government believes in Zero distractions. North Koreans can choose between three of their national channels. What India has a single national channel and I don’t remember when was the last time I watched it. I guess we need a rule like this.


It’s a crime to possess Bible in North Korea. The Government considers Bible a symbol of western culture. Who needs western culture when you have your own culture? That not me but what the government believes in North Korea. And also, the only god you are allowed to believe in is Government and ruling Kim family. You think it’s funny, the last great leader of North Korea Kim Jong-ill could control the weather with his thoughts, sounds god-like to me. If caught with a Bible or praying to a false god in North Korea, the punishment is not very different from how church punished the pagans. No, I mean you won’t be crucified or burnt alive but yes hang till death or firing squad is one of the possible answers.


Only the government officials are allowed to own a vehicle. Stop Judging the government on this one. I believe it’s a bold move to check carbon emission and reducing global warming. But other see a flaw in everything and believe because the government is insecure and clearly wants to show off its superiority.
Note: – Kim Jong-Un has a personal tank, how cool is that.


If you are caught doing something wrong, the punishment will be sentenced to not just you but also your grandparents, your parents and also your children. Well maybe this law was to promote a sense of responsibility to the citizens, or because the Government there believe in The Three Musketeers motto “One for all, And All for one.”

10: No long distance calls in North Korea.

It is illegal in North Korea to make international calls. In 2007 a tourist was shot in a stadium by the government as he was making a call. I guess Kim Jong-us is a paranoid boyfriend when he is not running the country.


It’s a crime to travel abroad if you are a citizen in North Korea. The Government said, “I don’t know who You are or where You live but if you leave the country we will hunt you down and let George RR Martin Decide your fate.” Hehe sorry, they just said, “If you plan to go abroad we will send you to a labor camp and shoot you later”.

Finally Number 12:

If you have an opinion, not every opinion only those that are not in coherence with the government. The government will send you to an education camp. Just like 1984. Not the year, the book. Yes, the one with “Big Brother” in it. Well in the education camps it is said that you will be tortured brainwashed and threatened. I said it’s said. Once re-educated the government hopes that this time you will get over your opinion and believe in the supreme leader.

So, these were the top twelve crazy laws from North Korea, Yes, there are more. I will be back with more crazy but true facts about North Korea. Till then stay tuned and have faith in Supreme leader and Peace out folks.