“We don’t pray for love, we pray for cars” whether you like Starboy or not, if you are a motorhead, you know what he’s saying. And there are very few cars in the world that can match the charisma of the prancing horse.


Founded by Enzo Ferrari, 1939, under the name  Auto Avio Costruzioni, they built their first car in 1940. The company used to operate from Modena, however, with the outbreak of the Second World War, in late 1943, they relocated to Maranello. And it has been there since. But the first Ferrari, sporting their famous logo, was built in 1947. Ferrari 125 S, powered by 1.5 l V12 engine, was one of the fastest cars ever to hit the asphalt. But Enzo’s main aim was to resurrect Scuderia Ferrari(founded 1929, Modena), which was his dream project & was in dire need of funds. Scuderia Ferrari(Translated to Ferrari stable) was strictly for the tracks. They used to take in Alfa Romeo cars & prepare them for pay drivers. In 1938, Alfa Romeo made Enzo the manager of their racing division & Scuderia was disbanded. But Enzo didn’t want to associate his name with any other racing team at that time & went on to found Auto Avio Costruzioni which was later renamed to Ferrari.

125 S made its competitive debut at the hands of Franco Cortese at the Piacenza Circuit on May 11th, 1947. later that month, Ferrari won its first Grand Prix in Rome and now has more than 5000 victories under its belt.

125 S

Ferrari made their way into the touring market with the introduction of Ferrari 166 Inter(1949). These were V12 grand tourers which were later replaced by mid-engined 12 cylinders sports cars in 1973. The Dino was the first mid-engined Ferrari which set the tone for all the V8 models, which makes up for over half the horse’s total production.

Fiery Ferrari

Ferrari has a rich history, is a legend on the tracks & is a head-turner(You don’t say) but that’s not why people choose Ferrari over its competitors. It’s the superior Italian craftsmanship, superb build & sheer driving pleasure that makes Ferrari, well, Ferrari. Now let’s look at some of the legendary Ferraris ever build.

 Ferrari 250 Gran Turismo Omologato(GTO)

A road-legal car which pushed the legal boundary every time it ran. And a heavy scrutiny for each of its potential owners made the dream machine all the more dreamy. It had everything an enthusiast could ask for: responsive & light steering, sharp cornering, speed & it valued the car-driver relationship greatly. Have a dream? I’m sure GTO can top it with grace.

Cheap at 30 Million

Ferrari Testarossa

Testarossa needs no introduction. If you’re into cars, chances are you had one of its posters on your wall as a kid. Emblematic of the 80s supercars, its chiselled rear, bulging rear-wheel arches, and a smooth wedge shape make it one of the most beautiful machines to ever come out of the Italian’s stables. With a total displacement of 4.9 litres & 400 horses under the hood, this beast hits 0-60mph in just over 5 secs and has an impressive top speed of 180mph.

Beauty On Wheels

 Enzo Ferrari

A fitting tribute to the man himself, Enzo rolled out of the stables in 2002. It was built with only one thing in mind, speed, and boy, did they succeed. Wrapped in carbon fibre, this mean machine was powered by a 6L V12 engine and had a staggering power of 600 horses. And the result was an incredible top speed of 218 mph which left its competitors in the dust. Only 349 Enzos were ever built, making it one of the most desirable Ferraris ever.

Ready To Fly

Ferrari LaFerrari

A true successor of the car above, LaFerrari is one of the very few cars on the planet that can give the Bugatti Veyron a run for its money. Powered by hybrid-tech, LaFerrari has a breathtaking 949 hp. It can climb up from 0 to 60 in 2.2 secs flat making it one of the fastest cars out of the block.


1987 Ferrari F40

The last car under Enzo’s leadership, this car holds a special place in the history of the company. So many years after its launch, it’s still one of the most iconic supercars ever built. Enzo wanted the best & this 288GTO inspired beast came mighty close. Its tall spoiler made it stand out & although it contradicted its sleek appearance, it was very much necessary for keeping the car ‘grounded’.

A Racer’s Dream

A list of 5 meant I had to cut out some of the best Ferraris ever. Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari 250 GT California could’ve easily made the cut.

The Future

Ferraris have always been more exclusive than Mercs, BMWs or even Porsches. With total independence from Fiat-Chrysler imminent, Ferrari wants to do some changes. They want to make Ferraris a little less exclusive & are hoping this move will fetch more bookings by the end of 2019. We can expect an expanded Ferrari lineup with more cars focused on regular use. Affordable Ferraris finally? Only time will tell.

Ferrari is also taking some heavy strides towards emission reduction. To reach their goal of 10,000 units sold/year by 2025, this step is expected to go a long way. According to the man in charge, CEO Sergio Marchionne, every Ferrari sold after 2019 will be a hybrid. And if LaFerrari’s groundbreaking performance is anything to go by, exciting times are ahead for the Italian giants.

We’ll be looking at another legend of the road next week, till then, drive safe.