Good kids don’t cry.

Good kids don’t argue.

Good kids listen to their parents.

Good kids behave properly in front of others.

From the very day we take birth in this world, our elders subject us to a list of things that’ll help us in becoming the so-called “good kids”. When we are toddlers we see that all the ‘good kids’ are given preference so we all try to come up with the list of expectations that’ll make us good in the eyes. From the very beginning, we are taught to listen and obey to any and everything that our elders tell us. We are told that everything that our elders decide for us is right. We are not supposed to question or even ponder upon their decisions.

When we enter our teens, with our hormones raging and brain battling various battles, we start to interact and talk to people more comfortably. We start wondering about things. We start questioning decisions, sometimes leading to arguments. That’s when you hear for the first that you’ve made the wrong friends. It’s like our elders cannot accept to hear us question or even discuss their decisions. By the time an Indian kid starts to properly think, kids in the West start earning for themselves.

Soon we reach 18 and become “adults” according to the system of our country. We are expected to think properly, make good decisions for ourselves, and make least possible mistakes. What some people don’t realize is that turning 18 is no magic moment, you can’t just start deciding upon things. We start making mistakes, often taking wrong roads in lives and are then termed as immature and irresponsible.

We often prefer our friends to our cousins. We find a sibling, a secret keeper in our friends that we don’t find in our actual siblings. The truth behind this is that we are born with the relations, the siblings that we have. But when we talk about our friends, we talk about people whom we meet, we talk to, befriend, confide in. It’s up to us if we want to make them a part of our lives. We choose them. Actually, if we look at it properly, making friends is one of the first major decision that we make for ourselves.

Moving back to the earlier discussion, we need to realize that kids today need to be given their space to think and realize why certain decisions are made. They should not accept a decision just because they’re told so but because they also think it is right. A child should have the liberty to ask questions about at least the decisions that are made regarding him/her. They should be given the opportunity to properly communicate their thoughts and suggestions.