In January 2015, marine archeologists investigating a two and a half thousand-year-old wreck of the coast of Sicily made a curious discovery. Buried amongst other artifacts were 39 ingots (oblong shaped metal) of a strange red metal. Professor Sebastiano Tusa claimed the metal was the mythical “Orichalcum” believed to have been mined on the island of Atlantis. What Atlantis ????? Yes, Atlantis, Yes, the lost city, the one which Aquaman rules and no it could be an actual place, at least according to this famous marine archeologist Professor Sebastiano Tusa.

Well, Orichalcum was said to be an alloy of copper, zinc iron and nickel. Yes, all these metals combined and I did not make it up, it was discovered by Plato. Yes, the famous philosopher one. Exactly, it’s legit stuff. Well, Plato believed this metal was found only in Atlantis and was their source of wealth. So, the big question is whether or not Atlantis was real? And if so what happened to it?

DID Atlantis Exist??

The earliest and most comprehensive accounts of Atlantis is from Plato’s works Timaeus and Critias, which were written around 360 BC. But for many, starting from Greek philosophers to modern historians, Atlantis was nothing more than an allegory for pride and the opposite of the perfect Athenian society. When Poseidon, Yes, the Greek god, and not going to talk about whether he was real or not right now. So, coming back Poseidon destroyed Atlantis, it was a reward for the Atlantean greed, and yes it might also happen to you too so don’t be greedy.

However, we have historical evidence of similar incidents where ancient civilizations were devastated by cataclysmic events. The Thera volcano, on the modern Greek island of Santorini, is believed to have erupted some time is second millennium BC, and with such force that the following earthquake and tsunami practically destroyed the Minoan civilization. And the city of Helike [HE as in head – lee-kay]. Southern Greece, in 373 BC was likewise destroyed by a tsunami, yes again people suspect Poseidon’s involvement here but we don’t have strong evidence yet. So, with these historical precedents it’s not hard to see where Plato drew inspiration for Atlantis, and no I am not ruling out weed but we I kind of ignoring that possibility.

So WHY are we still talking about it even today??

Well, the notion that Atlantis did indeed exist is relatively new, not 2016 new but 19th century new, Ignatius Donnelly was a U.S. Congressman, populist writer, and amateur scientist, Yes, the same US that elected Trump as the President but we can still trust him. Well, this guy was super fascinated with Atlantis, He believed that all ancient cultures, including Egypt, descends from the people of Atlantis. His Contemporary, Historian Augustus Le Plongeon, claimed that Atlanteans were Mayans traveling east towards Egypt.

But where Exactly was Atlantis?

The island Continent, aka Atlantis as described by Plato being larger than both Libya and Asia Minor combined, has been located everywhere, from the Caribbean to Philippine, to just off the coast of Ireland. But still the most common location is the one proposed by Plato himself, Yes, the smart Greek guy: the mid-Atlantic, roughly where the Azores islands are today. Still wondering where that is Google Azores.

Skeptics propose that it is impossible for a continent to simply sink, as tectonic movement is actually a collision of plates, which form mountains or simply sliding underneath one another over a period of millennia. However, proponents of Atlantis have pointed out that fact that continents have broken off and sunk in the past, such as the recently discovered Zealandia. And a large underwater plateau, approximately speaking 300,000 square miles large, has been discovered in the area where Atlantis is believed to have been, and No we didn’t find Aquaman there. This would conform to the theory proposed by author Tom T. Moore that a continent, stretching from the Caribbean to Africa, sat on top of the mid-Atlantic ridge. He claimed that when a line of volcanoes running the length of the continent erupted, the continent sank leaving behind a few island landmasses that we see today, yes Azores islands.

So, if Atlantis was indeed real and located in the middle of the Atlantic where did the inhabitants go? Well according to Plato, they all perished as the island sank into the ocean, Yes just like Titanic. But 19th century scholar Brasseur De Bourbourg strongly believed that the surviving Atlanteans, fled westwards towards the America, becoming who we now regard as the Mayans, Yes, the same folks who predicted the 2012 doomsday, I almost failed my semester exams because I believed the world will end and I won’t need my scores in after life.

Yet for all the interpretations, research and books written on Atlantis, there is little to no solid evidence to suggest that a great society can simply disappear.Well till date no official oceanographic or deep sea expedition in the proposed sites, from Plato onwards, have revealed evidence of such a place. And archeologists like Ken Feder say there is simply nowhere that a place that large could disappear without a trace. Those who believe that Atlantis kickstarted the western civilization, such as noted Egyptologist Graham Hancock, have had to reorganize established history for Atlantis to fit in. But supporters have refused to give in and continue their search for a history lost to the sea, as the oceans are deep and full of mysteries.