The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made readers out of complete non believers of the comic book world. The Superheroes of the Marvel Universe have become a cultural phenomenon. In all these years of publishing, Marvel has introduced several new concepts to the Superhero genre. Superhero Mashups are not a new thing. They have been tried before by every major comic book publishing industry. Presenting¬†7 Marvel Superhero Mashups way cooler than the Originals….

Goblin Carnage

Norman Osborn has set his greatest plan in motion. The Green Goblin will now harness the power of Carnage, the evil symbiote from another world. The Red Goblin, as he is called, will make his debut in Spiderman #798.

Storm – Goddess of Thunder

In the 1985 storyline ‘The Asgardian Wars’, Loki kidnaps Storm and brings her to Asgard. Storm decides to grab hold of the hammer called Stormcaster and transforms into the new Goddess of Thunder.

Weapon H

Weapon H is the end result of en experiment where scientists combined the powers of the Wolverine and the Hulk into a single body. Clayton is now not only an unstoppable force but also an immovable object.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually Frank Castle in the Tanos run. Frank Castle was made the host of Zarathos by Mephisto and he later went on to become a Herald of Galactus. He now commands both the Spirit of Vengeance and the Power Cosmic.

War Machine Punisher

At the end of Civil War II, Rhodey is dead. So nick Fury tasks Frank Castle to go to Chernaya and stop a Dictator from destroying the country. The Punisher is given the classic War Machine Armor to do the job.


Gwenpool is the story of a comic book reader being sucked through the Fourth wall into the comic books itself. She has to now use her expert knowledge on superheroes and supervillains to save the day. Gwenpool is the amalgam of Spider-Gwen and Deadpool.

Venom-Hulk, the Ghost Rider

In ‘Circle of Four’, Red Hulk merges with the Venom Symbiote and the Spirit of Vengeance to form the ultimate Mash-Up Superhero. The power of this guy’s Penance Punch was a thing to behold.