Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is real. The rumor that was swirling around for a while, actually turned out to be true. Marvel officially announced the game with a teaser. The teaser features Capcom’s Megaman and Ryu going against Marvel’s Ironman and Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel will make her debut for the first time in this game series with Infinite. Could it be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Injustice 2? For that we will have to wait for the actual trailer to see how Marvel vs Capcom compares in terms of details and quality with Injustice 2. Watch the teaser by clicking on the video above.


It should be noted that none of the Marvel vs Capcom games have been released on PC so far. But PC gamers can rejoice on this one as the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will be releasing on PC aswell. The gameplay trailer is also scheduled to release soon. So stay tuned for that. Meanwhile enjoy this teaser.

Marvel vs Capcom will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam in 2017.