Every Kid born before the year 2000 remembers the epic sci-fi fantasy that was The Matrix. The film intimately portrays a generic premise- an average guy living an average life discovers everything that is wrong with the world. The movie still succeeds in winning millions of hearts even today. After 20 years in development limbo, the next installation of the Matrix finally prepares to breath fresh air. Recently, The Matrix was in the headlines when rumors were rife it was facing a reboot. Thanks to Zak Penn and his social media savviness, the rumors have been debunked. The Matrix-4 isn’t gonna be a reboot. It will be a continuation of the original storyline.

Yet the trilogy creates so vast a world it is almost impossible to contain it entirely within the movies. The Matrix has wowed its audiences with incredible concepts and dubious questions the next movie must answer.


7. Exactly what was the Human-Machine war:


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It was the Animatrix, a compilation of 9 animated shorts that gave us necessary insight into a world where machines and humans co-existed. That was before the gearheads and muscleheads went mano-e-mano. It showed the oppression in full force being inflicted on the robots. They were treated nothing short of slaves in a post modern world.

Yet as the machine-human war begins, humanity is left defenseless against their mechanical onslaught. The Animatrix shows some humans even sided with the machines during the war against their own species. What?!?! Why??? Someone needs to cover that shit or else my mind just might explode.

6. What about the other Matrixes and the other The Ones:


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As revealed by the Architect, The current matrix is his third attempt at digital utopia. The first one was too perfect and boring. The second one was a living nightmare. Both too over the top for the human mind to stomach. The third time was when he gets lucky, creating a world with a bit of both the predecessors.

In all the three, the algorithms that run the world create a systemic anomaly resulting in the creation of The One. A necessary evil that is included at regular intervals for The Matrix to run smoothly. Even before Neo steps in, there already have been 5 other The Ones. Who were they? Why was Neo the first one to rebel as The One? Answers people.

5. Who is The Oracle:


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Remember the ‘The Vase incident” with Neo? Seriously this lady is in equal terms interesting as she is creepy. The Matrix universe explains that The Oracle as the first program to achieve sentience aka differentiate between fact and bullshit. A sentient program that can “interpret certain aspects of the human psyche”. Fucking scary 🙁

It was only due to her help that the Architect was finally able to create a stable world for the Vat-Pool people. Die-hard fans argue that The Oracle cant really see the future? Its just that she has so much in-grained knowledge of the Human Mind that her predictions are always on point. How did an ordinary program designed to keep the herd in check become the guiding light for it’s salvation? More importantly why??

4. Whats happening in the rest of the real world:


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Our big blue planet is a bigass ball of land. Yet the Matrix universe specifically states only one human city – Zion stands. You dont seriously believe that do you? The world is too huge. The human factor too unpredictable. The variables are too many for the machines to come to such a dubious conclusion. If(a BIG if) the machines are wrong, whats next?

Morpheus explains the world has been left with a nasty scar. Planet of rubble, scorched earth yada yada yada. But what if humanity exists outside Zion? Maybe the machines have sold them the same lies they did to Zion. To keep them unconnected and divided. What about the wildlife? There has been no sun ever since. Did they adapt to their new hell? Are they still out there?

3. What about the world beyond Earth:


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Sentient machines, Nanobot clouds, hi-tech mecha armors. I think its safe to say that the Matrix takes place at a time when humanity had already made critical advances. Perhaps even beyond Earth. Even now we have astronauts living in space aboard the ISS for almost the entire year. Events of the Matrix take place about one and a half century from now. Maybe by that time mankind already had settlements in the Moon and maybe even Mars.

Since the dark clouds crown the stratosphere like a necklace, the world above must be entirely cutoff from the world below. A thing to ponder on is what becomes of them as the invasion begins. Do the machines get them or were they successful in evading capture? If its a yes for the latter then is Earth just a hellish firepit while humanity thrives elsewhere?

2. How big is the Matrix:


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The universe claims all the Vat-pool people live in a massive singular city within the Matrix called ‘Mega City’. Lies, lies, lies. Housing the collective consciousness of the entire human population within one city is too difficult even for even the most powerful AI ever created. The movie drops easter eggs here and then to confirm this. Like Morpheus’ wanted posters showing him last seen in London. Not convinced? How about the Merovingian’s mountain castle. Name a city having a castle on a mountaintop with nothing but rock and snow as far as the eye can see. That’s right. None!!

If what we say is true, then theres much more to the Matrix than meets the eye. If the simulation encompasses an entire earth, it would be interesting to see what else is out there. Do oceans exist? Are there other cities like Mega-City? Is Harambe still alive?

1. What about the Potentials:


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When Neo visits the Oracle for the first time he sees a weird room full of weird kids doing weird stuff with weird things. Basically too much weirdness. The Oracle calls them “the other potentials”. Fancy term for kids who couldnt make the The One finish line. The viewers are exposed to the fact that Neo wasn’t the sole guy suspected of being the chosen savior. A lot of them were presumed to make the list but didn’t.

So what happened to them? Morpheus is the most ardent believer in Oracle’s prophecies. Maybe it was him who brought that bald spoon-bending kid or that Cube girl to her. They were potential candidates the Nebuchadnezzar scouted for before Neo happened. What is the source of their freaky abilities? Were they just people who took the blue pill instead of red? What about Morpheus’ crew? Trinity, Switch, Apoc and the others? Were they possible potentials too?