Michael Buble, the Canadian with a voice as pure as the faithfulness of a dog to its owner, has released a new album, his ninth to be precise. The four-time Grammy winner is back with an album that he claims is different from the others for different reasons of his own. Nobody but me also consists of a song called ‘someday’ featuring Meghan Trainor who I believe played the ukulele for it (as she is a ukulele player herself). Michael Buble stressed that this album has a lot of emotional value as it has no vocal editing, was done with his friends from the past 16 years and were studio recordings with no other forms of modifications.

Nobody but me titled the same as the album was the first track officially released and portrays the charm of Buble’s voice with a sense of pop. On an Evening in Roma is a Jazz song in every sense that could be the introduction to jazz for many out there. The spirit of Jazz is captured in ‘The very thought of you’ which was famous due to Sinatra but originally by Ray Noble.

I personally like I believe in you, a track which starts off with an acoustic guitar and goes on to be a simple yet beautiful song with some uncommon chord patterns (not rare, just different). Someday featuring Meghan Trainor goes ‘plink plonk’ with crisp strumming and the charisma of Buble’s voice later joined in with harmonies involving Meghan herself. Apparently, Harry Stiles was involved in it too. Nobody but me is an album that is certainly different.

Fun fact about the album:-

Tilting it to different sides once shows Michael as a kid and once as he is now.


Michael Buble shows how his new album cover art works

All in all, it was a beautiful album justifying Michael Buble’s success over the years as he carries on to be different to other singers in the industry today. One can fall in love with the mesmerizing talent of the Canadian (unlike some other Canadians we know) who remains unchallenged in the industry today. The playlist is available on his official channel on YouTube. Do give it a listen, play it on loop involuntarily and dwell in waves of eternal ‘feel good’ warmth.