The Microsoft Surface lineup broke into the PC segment with its latest addition called the ‘Surface Studio’. While people seem to be alarmed with the whopping price tag, the hardware involved along with the futuristic features and premium quality of the Surface lineup will not stun professionals who are already users of such impeccable technology. Yes, it seems a crazy deal for us regular people, but, to be fair, it isn’t really a PC for regular people who want to watch some movies and use Microsoft Office.


Features and Specifications:-

  • 28 Inch Pixelsense Display with 13.5 Million pixels
  • 6th Generation i5/i7 (Skylake)
  • Nvidia GeForce upto 4 GB
  • Hybrid drive of 1 TB
  • Ram starting at 8 GB and going upto 32 GB

Source:- | The Surface Dial is the latest accessory in the Surface lineup at 100$

About the Surface Studio – New gadgets and more:-

Pranav Panay, leader of the Microsoft devices team, unveiled the studio and claims that the display is the best in it’s class with 13.5 Million pixels bettering a 4k display by more than 63%. The accuracy of color and the flexibility of the display will help professional artists, photographers and videographers in the least. The chrome arms offer a 20 degree orientation and the real estate on the display complements its really well.

The Surface line up is now complemented by some new gadgets. The keyboard and the mouse may not seem awe inducing but the ‘Surface Dial’ (100$) seems to raise a few eyebrows. The radial accessory can be placed on the display in order to activate menus and change specifics like the brightness or volume and can even perform colors like scrolling. Some of its abilities are shown off in the video below.

The inbuilt microphone helps in using Cortana to the best of its abilities and the USB 3.0 ports are a welcome addition too. Other basic features like a 3.5mm jack, audio and SD card are retained as well and the audio needs will be met by Dolby 2.1 Stereo Audio.

Who is it for?

With the price starting a 2999$ the Surface Studio is potentially a designers dream and not something one can use for basic everyday needs. Its not that one cannot use it, its just that one simply won’t / shouldn’t splurge so much if he/she won’t be making use of its features. It aims to break into the market for iMac users and perhaps tempt other professional personnel into grabbing this beautiful piece of technology.