We believe there are times when people need to calm their nerves. A stressful gym session, lot of chores, annoying bosses, we’ve been there and we at Xtrascoop feel that you have every right to be calm. So, as a trend, we plan to add some songs for you awesome people in the form of a Midweek Playlist via YouTube. I personally, shall upload one every week to the best of my abilities and ensure you have a music playlist every week to rely on. Hope you the Pursuit of Serenity helps you. Spread the love, Share the Joy!

Playlist Details:-

1. James Bay – Let It Go

An all time favorite of mine, this British talent is one of the latest singers to not follow the EDM auto tune path I detest. Most of songs can be heard when you have a bad time.

2. Adele – When We Were Young

Adele is probably one of the best female vocalists I’ve heard. Not just that, her lyrics can move a persons heart and this song is one where vocals are put to a real stretch.

3. Andra Day – Rise Up

Feeling low at any point? This song ensures that you never give up at any point. With stunning vocals this singer certainly is underrated.

4. Ed Sheeran – One

I wish I could play the guitar like he did. His style of acoustics is heart throbbing and let me not get started on the vocals and lyrics.

5. The Lumineers – Morning Song

We have heard of Ho Hey but this? This is a nice piece of music, perhaps with a nice sip of coffee.

6. The Shins – Simple Song

This is just a simple song, it certainly is. Not heard of them before? Now would be a good start.

7. The Script – Six Degrees of Seperation

We’ve heard Hall of Fame but if you dig deep the Script has a load of brilliant songs worth collecting.

8. One Republic – If I lose Myself

‘If I lose Myself tonight’ as Ryan Tedder sings, is one of the few One Republic tracks that gets me going.

9. Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Incredible scales, Incredible vocals, Incredible Sam Smith!

10. Twenty One Pilots – The Judge

Heard Heathens and Ride? These two have a lot of songs you will not have heard. Don’t go with the public trend, enjoy them all!