The death of Chester Bennington was a shock to fans all around the world. One of the main reasons being that he was an important part of everyone’s childhood, and also, well, Linkin Park! You would either react on realising that he was no more OR on realising that “singer of Linkin Park is no more”.  The positive news is, that, Linkin Park will carry on (as updated by Mike Shinoda on Twitter) and for those who do not know yet, Mike has released an EP. The EP titled “Post Traumatic” is clearly a tribute to former friend and band member Chester Bennington.

Mike Shindo – Post Traumatic:

The EP begins with a track titled “Place to Start”, probably implying that his death symbolises a new ‘place to start’. The song is an R&B track infused with the voice of Mike Shinoda (well, duh!) which narrates his feelings at the loss of his friend. “Over Again” and “Watching as I Fall” are more direct and refer to Chester. This song will hit the LP fans hard, and it should, because no matter what, Chester will always remain a key part of what Linkin Park is and ever will be.

The album, quite clearly, isn’t a regular one. It is a fitting farewell to a great artist, who will be remembered by the whole lot of the current generation. I wouldn’t rate it because emotions would add to the bias, but hey, the motive behind the album makes it undeniably a masterpiece in itself!