This is for those who have watched Mindhunter and those who want to watch it.

We all saw Holden Ford and Bill Trench trying to investigate several prisoners and this must have reminded you of Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal Lector himself.

Mindhunter is one heck of a true series which would leave you shocked or surprised. And here is the worst news about it, the series is not fictional. It’s based on true events. So the whole raping, decapitating, killing dogs, mothers, grandparents, innocent female hitchhikers are all just true. Oh yeah, there is a real Richard Speck who raped student nurses and killed them as well. This is not Stephen King horror. This is actual horror.

It’s fun to humor about killing at times with statements as “I will kill you”, “I will beat you up”, “I will shoot you down before the sun goes down” but what if these statements do come true?  And necrophilia is not a joke. So all of these took place during the 1970s.

Holden Ford a.k.a John E Douglas and Bill Trench a.k.a Robert K Ressler were working for FBI’s behavioral science unit. During their time, they invested more than 30 serial killers in U.S. To their horror, the cases are not complicated but the personalities seem sane when they clearly are not.

It’s best to skip the last part of this post though, Just giving you a heads up

For the introduction of cast

Edmund Kemper – Co-Ed Killer

This serial killer is infamous for the necrophilia.  He killed his paternal parents at the age of 15 and killed several female hitchhikers by stabbing, choking and shooting. There are near to death experiences from one of his sisters who escaped from his clutch. You can check on the interview to know more about this serial killer. Mentally disturbing yet it’s very interesting to know the truth.

Ed Kemper is played by Cameron Britton in Mindhunter.

Jerome Henry “Jerry” Brudos

Jeremy strangled four women during 1960s. He was known as “Salem shoe fetish killer” and the “Lust killer” He was one of the most psychologically disturbing characters to ever lived in the history of serial killers. At the age of 17, he sexually assaulted a woman and the police didn’t find him psychotic yet. Then in the year 1968  and 1969, he killed six women. He was 28 while he committed such a heinous crime. In 2006, he died of liver cancer while he was imprisoned in Oregon Department of Corrections.

In Mindhunter, he is played by Happy Anderson.

You can check the interview below


Richard Speck is known for killing and raping eight student nurses from the South Chicago Community Hospital.

That’s all the info we can gather about him.

Here is the interview.  Yeah, Richard Speck died due to a heart attack in 1991. He is played by Jack Erdie in Mindhunter.

ADT Serviceman (aka Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer)

Dennis Rader was a serial killer who was active in Kansas from the year 1974 to 1991. This is a spoiler alert for those who have watched season 1. 

This man has killed 10 people within that 20 years in Kansas. He has sent taunting letters to FBI. His favourite method is to strangle women and tie them enough to rape them. He has killed several women through bondage too. Rader is still alive and being held in El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas. He is 72 years old now and his release year is 2180.

For more,you can check the interview.

You can check on the book called Mindhunter by John E Douglas 

Here are the clips of Robert K Ressler and John E Douglas being interviewed.

As for Dr. Wendy Carr,

Dr. Wendy Carr a.k.a Dr Ann Wolbert Burgess

According to Screenrant, Dr. Wendy Carr a.k.a Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess a pioneer in the treatment of trauma and abuse victims. In the 1970s, she co-founded one of the first-ever hospital-based counseling programs at Boston City Hospital with sociologist Lynda Lytle Holmstrom.

As a result, Dr. Ann had collaborated with John E Douglas to work with FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit to help establish connections between serial killers and past trauma. And moreover, both John E Douglas and Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess co-authored  Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives and 1992’s Crime Classification Manual.

In 2013, she was deemed a living legend after receiving that recognition from the New England Chapter of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.