Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust that led to the death of around 6 million people. The Nazis were brutal and indiscriminately cruel. But, if we look at ourselves closely, we will find ourselves the modern Nazis living in an era of a modern Holocaust as captivity is no less than slavery. We exterminate animals instead of humans. The only difference is they cant scream and raise their voices like humans.hitler-nazi-germany-holocaust

More than 150 million animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great that they are measured in tonnes. They do not even include animals who died while held captive in the animal slavery enterprises like zoos, circuses and marine parks. And not even the many million animals killed by humans in vivisection laboratories. Animals are not just killed for meat but various other products like feather, oil, fur etc.animal-slaughter-holocaust

The Yulin festival of China is one where dogs are brutally killed and ultimately consumed by people. Its a barbaric act and people all over the country had protested against it but could not do anything.


Vegetarians spares the lives of a certain number of animals each time they choose to forgo meat for vegetables, fruits, nuts or grains. A vegetarian saves around 100 animals per year.


Is it right to kill animals just for satisfying our taste buds? Is is really justified killing innocent animals only because we feel like having something delicious whereas, we have a wide range of alternatives with us? Is it really right to let them get killed because wearing fur or leather would reflect a good social status of ours? Is it really right to make them suffer so much just because they cant do anything to stop us even if they desperately want to?

Most of us feel outraged when someone tortures an animal, harms it or does not take proper care of their pet. For instance, the news of people  tying crackers to an animal’s tail during Diwali makes us question their humanity. But do we ever question ourselves that the slaughtered meat we consume must have suffered the same pain in fact, more than that. If not,this is the time to question ourselves, our humanity and the little Hitler living within us!