Premiered on ABC on September 23, 2009, Modern Family is an American television mockumentary sitcom. The story revolves around Jay Pritchett and his family which includes his second wife, stepson, daughter, a son and their families. This show has won a lot of awards for Outstanding Comedy Series. Those who watch Modern Family know why this show is enormously a thing to be watched. The storyline of the show is surely one of the things that make the show a stupendous one but what totally does justice to the absolutely well thought and well-written series is its characters. The characters are such that one will beyond doubt fall in love with them and their lives. It is a total delight see how a family argues, fights and disappoints one another but in the end, makes up to everyone because they know what importance does a family hold. In the end of each episode, there is a heart touching moral that we all learn. So when we talk about why should one watch Modern Family the reason will be its distinctively and very well sketched CHARACTERS!


The oldest member of the family, he is married to Gloria, a very young and eye catching woman despite the obvious supposition of her being a trophy wife Jay loves her genuinely. He at times is like a badass Grandpa as he is familiar with all the tricks that his grandchildren play on him. He is seen to be brutally honest which although is a good thing but annoys a good amount. Jay is a very tender person to him his family is the most important thing and if anyone will hurt his kids or grandkids, Jay won’t dilly – dally to pay that person back. He holds his family in the highest regard.

Jay Pritchett

Badass Grandfather!


She is the mother of Manny and Joe, she has worked really hard to make both the ends meet when she was taking care of Manny alone. Airheaded at times she’s the most altruistic person in the show but nobody messes with her! Her English accent is really funny because she is from Columbia and this makes her character all the more interesting. Falling in love with her wouldn’t be difficult.

Gloria Pritchett

Bold beauty!


Phil is the husband of Claire, he is an innovative person who tries bringing up new stuff to do with his son Luke. He is a man who wants to be friendly with his children although he is a big old dork. A person who keeps falling into problems due to his impulsive nature but that is what makes us laugh the most. His character adds life to the show.

Phil Dunphy

Craziest Father!


She is the wife of Phil Dunphy and mother of Luke, Hailey and Alex. She is the sanest person of the family but it is her restrictions that no one likes, despite this she is the glue that holds the family together. She loves her wine and it is on days like these that she turns out to be the most comical character of the series. Every kid can relate to her as their mother as she has all the traits of a strict, loving and a caring mother.

Claire Dunphy

Clever Caring Mother!


She is the daughter of Phil and Claire, she can be considered to be a brainless beauty although she uses them quite well to convince the boys when she has to get some work done.  She often tattlers out of punishment by smartly helping her parents to sort out things whenever they get into a fight or an argument. She is a father’s girl and whenever she is scolded by him it hits her harder than when her mom punishes her.

Hailey Dunphy

Brainless beauty!


The second daughter and the most intelligent. She is even smarter than her parents in some cases, in fact, smarter than all the family put together. The one thing she does all day long is, study and for the same reason, her parents are carefree about whatever she does because they consider her to be sensible enough to handle things on her own. Although she never shows but somewhere she wants to be like her elder sister Haley.

Alex Dunphy

Most Intelligent!


He is the youngest son of Claire and Phil, he shows some symptoms of ADHD just like his father as he gets distracted especially when he has to do some really important work. He is the stupidest of all the family but is very emotional and really loves his sisters especially Haley as he cries when she leaves for college. Their relationship is really adorable.

Luke Dunphy

The Dumbest!


Husband of Cam, brother of Claire, father of Lily. Mitchell is a serious lawyer, he is a book warm and he has to deal with all the flimflam Cam creates.  He is a loving father of Lilly and is the only one who earns in the family. Mitchell is too conscious about what his father thinks of him because he does not want to upset his father. The relationship between Mitchell and Jay portrays a bond of real love between a father and son.

Mitchell Pritchett

The Lawyer!


He is the husband of Mitchell and father of Lilly. He is an over dramatic person since he has been into theatrics and has also been a clown. We at times find him to be a bad ass gay father as he charges at every other kid that tries to faff around with Lilly.

Cam Tucker

Over Dramatic!

This Family is a perfect blend of laughter, arguments, joy but overall love! This sitcom is not only funny but as we watch it episode by episode we can completely relate to it. These characters are so staggering that it is for them this show keeps growing on us once we start to watch it.