You know I had a real urge to write something. But the next moment I remember something that turns me off. Am so depressed buddy. Can we just go party now? Can we get drunk tonight? I want to just roam around. Maybe I need to just curl in a corner with a novel? I want to eat something. No, I would rather prefer sleeping. Good night!
Well am not out of my mind, so one of your guesses is obviously ruled out. Firstly, swear that you would be true to yourself and answer. Have you guys ever acted insane? And it was too late until you actually realized you were a stupid piece out there? How often does something of this sort happen to you? Precisely, every person experiences at least one weird situation in his/her life every week! Or should I say every day? Well, then you really need help. Just Kidding! It’s absolutely normal people and you really don’t need to worry about it. I assure you!


An indispensable part of life

Sometimes we get out of control and don’t even realize it. Sometimes our thoughts, our imagination is so fast, that we assume things that aren’t. Sometimes our expectations are so high, that we hardly stay in our senses when they are not reached. Sometimes little things make a whole lot of a difference. And what happens when such unexpected, idiotic things happen? We go mad!
Am sure you would end up hitting me now. All things apart, let’s decently call it, that we end up having a…. “mood swing”.


A regular guest

What exactly are these mood swings, that every person actually has it every now and then? To go by the norms, it is an abrupt and unaccountable change of mood. And yes it doesn’t mean you are mad!
These days especially, it’s quite often that people are having mood swings. You wouldn’t believe me, but there was this kid who told me that she was having a mood swing and when asked why she replied by telling me that she had a fight with her boyfriend! So now you understand why I had to use an ‘often’.
Its high time now that we actually wave a shu to all of these things. And how is what I’ll try helping you out with.

1. Acceptance
The creepy thing of all is to accept what you are going through. But once you cross this stage, you are half way there handling yourself.
2. Realize and make yourself stable
Once you are back to normal, introspect what actually happened. Maybe find the reason for the shit!
3. Have a walk or drive
Do whichever suits you best. But yes, do go out!
4. Think, not Overthink
The main reason for people to have additional mood swings is only because they overthink. Thinking to an extent is excellent. But beyond the bars, you are no scientist, you just ending up making a good roast of yourself.


Overthinking-one main counting factor for the mood swings

5. Free yourself
Have this ‘let go’ nature though you don’t. It is this thing that mankind is deprived of these days. Why do you want to hold on to something that isn’t bringing out the best in you?
6. Chill
Well, life is too short for us to take it on such a serious note. This thing is told by many, but followed by none! Enjoy is what I’ll tell you.
7. Time yourself
Give yourself the least time to come out of bad times. Because once you start mourning or start consoling yourself, is the time you start to make a week mold out of you.


Wave a shu with a smile

Well, the 7 are up! Next time you feel something’s going to drag you to pits, don’t lean up to your swings, rather lighten up your mood with something that’s going to pull you up the pit!