Food is what we all love. Let it be business meetings and proposals or friendships, all are made over food. And Bengaluru is both a cultural hub and an economic powerhouse, often referred to as the Silicon Valley. So make sure you dine with your friends in these restaurants and food corners in Bengaluru.

1. Absolute Barbecues

The tantalizing aromas of barbecue reach much before you step into the dimly lit eatery. There is a constant buzz of music, gossips, and screams of joy and the rush of waiters and customers adds to the liveliness of the dining room. I would suggest trying cheese potatoes, tandoori chicken, grilled pineapple and raw mango in starters, wish grills with your preference of sauces, pan flavored ice cream and hot walnut brownies with chocolate sauce in desserts. And if its your Birthday do celebrate it in AB’s style :D.

2. Fenny’s Lounge & Kitchen

This lively juke joint serves a multi-cuisine menu on the landscaped outdoor terraces. It has an amazing ambiance which is perfect to start your weekend. It has been awarded Limca records for its service. Make sure you reach early in the evening to get place as per your choice.

3. Eat Street

Street food is the love of every Indian. This place has a fun-filled open food court serving from flavored yogurts to pizzas, in short, all sorts of food to satisfy your taste buds. You can visit there with friends as well as family.You can spend an entire evening at this exciting place. Live music and Karaoke are like the cherry on the cake. It offers prompt service and diverse food options at a very affordable price.

4. Shizusan Shop-house & Bar

Phoenix Mall is the largest mall in Bengaluru. It takes several minutes to decide where to devour your meal.Though located inside the busy and happening Phoenix Market City, you will soon forget you are in a mall, because of its aura. I would recommend trying Tempura Prawns and cherry blossom in mock-tails for sure.

5. La Casa

La Casa basically means ‘the house’ which is apt as per its aura and food. It’s one of the oldest and trusted cafe. It is a great place to go in case you want a break from new urban restaurants around. The ambiance may not be that welcoming, but you certainly need to try it once. I liked chili cheese toast, Mexican hot pot soup, chicken sizzler in Indian Style and blue heaven in mock tail here.

6. Corner House

It’s one of the best places to see if you are a die-hard ice cream lover. This is not like usual ice cream parlors having a great ambiance or loud music. It’s a busy shop having timely service and friendly staff. When you talk about Corner House, DBC or Death By Chocolate instantly pops into your head. It is their specialty and of course worth a try. You should also try Chocolate Mousse with fresh cream and hot caramelo pudding.The city of Bengaluru has over thousand numbers of restaurants and it is increasing each year, thanks to the unending appetite of young professionals. This city is indeed trying hard to dub the Silicon Valley as the Restaurant Capital of the country :O. A single trip is not enough to cover even those you have on your list.

  1. So Bangaloreans where are you dining tonight? 😉