In an age of technology, smartphones and laptops(students) are a necessity. The operating systems have come a long way by improving the interface, adding more transitions, increasing resolutions and so on. However, the basic necessity of good wallpapers is still a minor problem. Personally, after a small period of time, I have a wallpaper hunt. The basic requirements are great colours and high resolution.

Where am I going with all this? I found a great app called “Myersplash” which is available on all platforms for smartphones (Windows/Android/iOS) and desktops. The app basically is based on the site and the images are copyright free. I mean, that’s amazing, right? One can use it anywhere for any purpose. In simple terms, it’s an app for ‘’.

What I like about the app!

  1. Beautiful UI

    Myerspace has a fluid, beautiful UI


  2. Download access from within the app

    One can set the wallpaper/lockscreen from the app.


  3. Hamburger menu is true to the universal OS

    The hamburger menu is unintrusive


The best part about the app is its simplicity. It helps get things done and looks great while doing so. The app has a pretty UI on smartphones too. Personally, I believe that this app will sort any wallpaper deficiency one can face. Please do note that you won’t find specific wallpapers of celebrities and other star personalities. Do download the app for your laptop/desktop from the Microsoft store.


The app is fluid on smartphones too