God’s own paradise down on Earth, Leh-Ladakh, is home to many scenic beauties and icy white mountain caps. Many trekkers and riders come all the way from the south to witness it’s breathtaking wonders here. There are many places which capture our attention, one among them is The Magnetic Hill. It falls on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway, 30 kms away from the town of Leh with and elevation of 14000 feet from the mean sea level.

To brief you up, you park your vehicle in the marked box and it goes uphill. Yep, uphill. Most of the travelers stop at this place to see if the story is true or not. Many others strike it off as a mere myth, possibly because they weren’t at the exact point marked by The Border Roads Organisation. They put up a board explaining the phenomenon and asking the travelers and curious joes to experience it themselves.


Source: Thrillophilia

Many come up with an explanation of magnetic field, hence the name, Magnetic hill. They say the magnetic pull is so strong that it can pull a whole vehicle uphill. It not only has its effect on the vehicles but on the helicopters and planes too. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel claim that the airplanes flying over this area have to either increase their speed or altitude, in order to not be pulled in by the enormous magnetic field


Source: TajIndiaTours

Locals when asked about it, have a completely superstitious approach towards it. They think it was a road paved to heaven and only the people worthy of it can move up and reach heaven. Others, despite trying can’t go anywhere other than forward.


Source: CHDWeb

But there is also a scientific theory to this hill, the optical illusion. The hill which seems to go up is actually a slope downhill. This is because the horizon is majorly obstructed and we can’t make out if it’s a down or uphill without a line of reference. Thus, a vehicle in neutral seems to move uphill where in reality it’s letting the gravity take its natural course of action.

So, why not go to this place when we are on our dream trip to Leh-Ladakh, and check this amazing phenomenon for ourselves. And may our dream trip happen this year.