“Are we really alone in this huge universe?”, everyone has asked themselves this question sometimes in life but we never could find an answer with certainty. Now, this might change. Apparently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA has announced that they might have found planets already sustaining evolving alien life forms and that’s not the only news. NASA has announced that they have found a new solar system consisting of 7 planets just 39 light years away from Earth and thinks that almost all of them could sustain life. Out of them, they think 3 might already have alien life forms.


Size comparison of Earth’s Sun and TRAPPIST-1

The newly discovered solar system with seven earth-sized planets revolves around a dwarf star known as TRAPPIST-1. The star is apparently not as hot as most stars like Earth’s. It means that planets even closest to the sun could be habitable. Even the orbits of the planets are not quite distant which results in the subsequent planet appearing on the horizon (What a beautiful sight it might be!).

NASA has also suggested that some of these planets might be in a tidally locked position i.e. one side of those planets will always be facing the sun. This might create extreme weather conditions thus making them uninhabitable for life. The planets which might already be sustaining life has been said to have oceans of water and a temperate environment. NASA thinks they might discover more about these planets in almost a decade and might even confirm the idea of alien life existing on them.


There has never been before found a solar system like this, so alien life or not, it’s a huge discovery by itself. What do you think about this? Have you ever wondered about life existing on planets other than Earth? For me, It’s one hell of an exciting news and I can’t stop thinking about an alien life form existing on other planets.