In 1936 an unidentified flying object crashed in Germany’s black forest. Wingless, disc-like it confounded all scientific analysis at that time. Elite scientist from the S.S. technical Branch was tasked with recreating the mystery flying object. Yes, today we are joining the Nazi and the aliens. And yes that flying object could have an alien origin. No, I am not high it was an actual incident back in the day, yes you can check it yourself I don’t mind.

So, let’s continue in 1939, just three years after that incident, the Haunebu disc was born. But did the Nazi’s really used alien technology?? What do u think?


The Haunebu Project was purportedly led by the Thule society. What you never heard of the Thule’s, seriously well The Thule society originally started as a Study Group for Germanic Antiquity, but later it became an occultist and nationalist group. Rumors have it that Hitler was also a part of this organization, somewhere in 1919. This secret occultist brotherhood was named after a vanished civilization alleged to the progenitors of the Aryan race.

Hitler’s biographer Ian Kershaw writes “The membership list … reads like a who’s who list of early Nazi sympathizers”. Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess, and Hans Frank were all alleged member of the Thule society members, who rose quickly within the Nazi Party, bringing Occult beliefs in ancient and alien technologies in them, we all know Hitler send men to the Himalayas in search of lost Vedic knowledge, now we where he got is ideas from.

Well, the Thule society was not satisfied with the Himalayas only. It was rumored that also have a secret base in Antarctic. Man, they love cold places and yes that’s why America send soldiers to the Antarctic in 1945. No, it was not a sightseeing operation they went there to clear the Nazi base. Yes, I am talking about Operation Highjump. Well according to many this Antarctic base was the birthplace of the Haunebu disc was developed.

You don’t trust me right, A little faith people in 1939 a Nazi expedition arrived in Antarctic with classified plans to establish a German military base. In 2001 a roving satellite supposedly captured evidence of huge manmade structures miles beneath the ice. When images surfaced, the US military did what they do best, yes, they closed the area and covered up the entire case. You cannot find the images anymore on Google Earth.

Historians like Colin Summerhayes and Peter Beeching wrote that the start of the second world war soon after this initial expedition, meant this vision was never fully realized. But Journalist Ladislas Szabo wrote in a column of her Newspaper La Critica “Hitler fled to Antarctica to develop military capabilities to win a future battle”. It was rumored that these capabilities were guided by higher knowledge supplied by ancient aliens. Yes, people believed Nazi’s were helped by the Aliens.

The contemporary media reports suggested that the aliens were working with Nazi’s at their Antarctic base, building liquid-propelled rockets, anti-gravity discs, and stealth aircraft. Researcher Goodrick-Clarke writes that researchers at the base were also developing plans for a super advanced civilization.

Admiral Donitz a senior German naval commander, revealed at the Nuremberg trials that the Nazi’s had built an “invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middle of eternal ice”. This Chined with reports of a supernatural Nazi arsenal that outlasted the war. The most controversial of these was a rumored UFO fleet, reengineered from the 1936 alien crash in the Black forest.

With Supersonic Capabilities, the Haunebu was the world first flying saucer.Jan Van Helsing writes that scientists used information from the Thule Society to create an aircraft that could travel at a speed of 12000 kilometers an hour. Yes, it’s twelve thousand not hundred, what that’s what he wrote don’t give me that look ok.

During the Second world war, Allied pilots spotted unidentified flying objects on numerous. No, they were not on LSD, you can’t fight a war high on LSD and No your Bar fights doesn’t count. Reports described them as spinning balls of fire following their jets but never attacked them. British Royal Air Force veteran Andrew Amrose wrote that when they tracked, these aircraft would radically change speed or disappear, making them impossible to track. They called them “Foo Fighters”.

So, were the Nazi’s in touch with the extraterrestrials? Did they build a secret military base in Antarctica? There is little evidence that such a base actually existed, or that the Haunebu project was anything more than fiction. Likewise, there is no evidence that many leading members of the Nazi’s were ever members of the Thule Society, least of all Hitler.

Despite some historical mysteries like numerous “Foo fighters” sightings disappearing satellite imaging of Antarctica. Or America’ s mission Highjump, yes, I will talk about it but not today and Operation Paperclip where America saved Nazi scientists post-war and used them in their own rocker programs, some of these scientists were allegedly from the Antarctic base. The Secret Nazi base will remain a mystery till more solid evidence for this theory emerges. Till them Peace out and watch out for the Nazi time machine. Yes, People believe in that too.