Netflix The Crown series is a $100 million venture on the biographical story of Queen Elizabeth II. This is probably the most expensive Netflix series of all time. The series begins from the early days of Queen Elizabeth, when her father King George was still alive. It doesn’t have any kind of  Game of Thrones -esque gimmick or intentional shock value, over death and such, to attract the attention. But it is a thoughtful, prestigious drama that is full of rich performances. One which finds its value in a loyal portrayal of the Queen’s life and power struggle, albiet in a steadier pace, but nonetheless, with a sleek execution. The Crown casts Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II

Netflix the crown

Episode 1 begins in 1947 at Buckingham Palace. King George’s health is not well, he is coughing up blood, not that he cares about it much. Elizabeth is ready to marry Phillip, and in the wedding, she also vows to obey Phillip. A couple of years later, the couple seems to be living a happy life and having a healthy relationship. But it doesn’t take much time for several people, to become aware about King George’s prognosis. And that includes Winston Churchill as well. King George’s doctor eventually informs him about his tumor. And George is moved by it, suddenly he gets the hold of reality, that he doesn’t have much time left. And he needs to do the needful, before he departs.

Netflix the crown

The cinematography is beautifully done. And the heavy money that has been spent, is visible from the incredible sets we see in the episode. The show has generally a serious and somber tone but it never feels dull. It is interesting through out and very well paced. Although it focuses on the small details and matters of the royal family. It doesn’t feel that the show is giving more time, on something irrelevant or boring, than it should. The episode ends on the note of King George’s deteriorating health as well as the Elizabeth’s ‘full of life’ future, that await.

Netflix the crown


Netflix The Crown might have been a $100 million gamble for Netflix. But it pays off pretty decently. It doesn’t have any kind of  Game of Thrones -esque gimmick or intentional shock value, over death and such, to attract the attention. But if you are looking for rich performances, a prestigious drama and a loyal portrayal of Queen Elizabeth’s life. A show which is thoughtful, has beautiful cinematography, a steady pace but sleek execution. Just dive right into this show.

Netflix The Crown was released on November 4, 2016



Netflix The Crown, Episode 1 Review : The $100 Million Royal Show
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