DC and Marvel are two giants in the comic industry right now. They publish a lot of issues on weekly and monthly basis. And its too easy for a casual reader, to get lost in the frequency of ginormous amount of tie-ins, arcs and events that comes out every while. Both the companies always try to get it easy on new readers with soft reboots and #1s but ultimately, it takes the shape of the same convoluted web.

To keep things simplified and to get new readers invested, DC and Marvel have launched a new initiative in the form of their line of graphic novels. Remember, this graphic novel format is not same as the collected trade format, which collects a number of issues in a book. These are rather a single book of 120+ pages, which have self-contained stories. Usually the ace artists and writers work on these titles.


DC releases its graphic novel titles under the series, “Earth one” . The first Earth one title was released on 2010 with “Superman Earth one Volume : 1″. It received massive critical acclaim and since then a number of titles have followed. Marvel started their line under the banner of ” Marvel Original Graphic Novel or Marvel OGN“. The first title in the series was released in 2013 with Avengers: Endless Wartime.


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Here is the list of all the titles released in chronological order:


-Superman Earth One: Volume 1

Volume One (November 2010, story by J. Michael Straczynski and art by Shane Davis, hardcover ISBN 978-1401224684, paperback ISBN 978-1401224691)


-Batman Earth One: Volume 1

Volume One (July 2012, story by Geoff Johns and art by Gary Frank, hardcover ISBN 978-1401232085, paperback ISBN 978-1401232092)


-Teen Titans: Earth One 

Volume One (November 2014, story by Jeff Lemire and art by Terry Dodson, hardcover ISBN 978-1401245566, paperback ISBN 978-1401259082)


-Superman Earth One: Volume 3

Volume Three (February 2015, story by Straczynski and art by Ardian Syaf, hardcover ISBN 978-1401241841, paperback ISBN 978-1401259099)


-Wonder Woman: Earth One

Volume One (April 2016, story by Grant Morrison and art by Yanick Paquette, hardcover ISBN 978-1401229788)


-Teen Titans Earth One : Volume 2

Volume Two (August 2016, story by Lemire and art by Andy McDonald, hardcover ISBN 978-1401259068)


-Aquaman: Earth One(yet to released)

Volume One (2016, story and art by Francis Manapul)


-The Flash: Earth One(yet to released)

Volume One (2016, story by J. Michael Straczynski)


-Batman Earth One: Volume 3(yet to released)

Volume Three (No release date, story by Johns and art by Frank)



-Avengers: Endless Wartime

(2013, story by Warren Ellis and art by Mike Mckone, hardcover ISBN 978-0785184676 )


-Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business

(2014, story by Mark Waid  James Robinson and art by Gabriele Dell’Otto Werther Dell’Edera, hardcover ISBN 978-0785184409 )


-X-Men: No More Humans

(2014, story by Mike Carey and art by Salvador Larroca, hardcover ISBN 978-0785154020 )


-Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

(2104, story and art by Jim Starlin hardcover ISBN 978-0785184706 )


-Avengers: Rage of Ultron

(2015, story by Rick Remender and art by Jerome Opeña hardcover ISBN 978-0785190400 )


-Thanos: The Infinity Relativity

(2013, story and art by Jim Starlin hardcover ISBN 978-0785184676 )



-Thanos: The Infinity Finale

(2016, story by Jim Starlin and art by Ron Lim)


-Deadpool: Bad Blood

(2016, story by Chris Sims and art by Rob Liefeld )


-The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Beats Up the Marvel Universe

(2013, story by Ryan North and art by Erica Henderson )