Woohooo! Jaegers Vs. Kaijus showdown is gonna be back soon on the big screen with the upcoming Pacific Rim sequel. The official site of the movie series posted pictures of three brand new Pacific Rim Jaegers. The name of only one of the Jaegers have been revealed yet and it’s pretty exciting. The blue Jaeger is going to be called Gypsy Avenger and the fans of the franchise will know that it’s going to be an upgraded Gypsy Danger design. The original got destroyed in the first part.


The new Jaegers look sleeker than the ones in the 1st movie. They are possibly more powerful and fast than Striker Eureka which was the only Mark 5 Jaeger in the 1st movie. These 3 new Pacific Rim Jaegers also look more like concept art for now thus giving them a Mecha feel. The 1st movie had 4 major Jaegers in action – Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka and Gypsy Danger (Yeah, I had to mention these cool names!), so hoping to see more Jaegers than just 3 in the next movie.


Pacific Rim had to get over a lot of hurdles to get a sequel. Seeing these cool Jaegers raises hope. The bigger question is how will they bring back the Kaijus who were totally destroyed along with their makers in the 1st movie and gave it a fitting end. If the creators would not pull off their return in a convincing manner then the sequel will feel quite unnecessary. The sacrifice of the awesome Marshal Stacker played by Idris Elba in the 1st movie will also go in vain AND I JUST CAN’T ACCEPT THAT!

What do you think? Will the sequel be an awesome action-packed popcorn flick like its predecessor or would it be a letdown?

Pacific Rim’s sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising (Previously called Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, which was way more cool) will be releasing next year in February.