New Rambo movie and reboot is in works. Nu Image/Millennium Film is developing the reboot and a new actor will get in the shoes of Stallone’s character. Earlier this year, Stallone reportedly had told Variety that he has no plans to reprise his role, saying that he was happy with how story ended with the 2008 film. The studio also plans to treat Rambo as James Bond, where the continuity remains the same and actors keep changing.


Originally created by David Morrell in his 1972 novel First Blood, John  has appeared in a total of four films starring Sylvester Stallone , beginning with Ted Kotcheff’s 1982 film. Stallone followed First Blood up with two sequels in the 1980s before returning to the character with 2008’s movie, which he also directed.

Plans to bring back the Rambo franchise has been in motion for while now. Infact Stallone was planning to make movie, The Last Blood, he described his vision as his version for “No country for old men”. Then there was talk of a possible TV series at Fox, also titled  New Blood, which would have followed John Rambo and his long-lost son. As of earlier this year the small-screen project — which did not have Stallone set to play Rambo — was still simmering, but the announcement of the new movie could be an indication that the TV show is dead.

John James Rambo is a fictional character in the saga. He first appeared in the 1972 novel First Blood by David Morrell, but later became more famous as the protagonist of the film series, in which he was played by Sylvester Stallone. The portrayal of the character earned Stallone widespread acclaim and recognition. The character was nominated for American Film Institute’s list 100 Years…100 Heroes and Villains. The term ” Rambo ” is used commonly to describe a person who is reckless, disregards orders, uses violence to solve problems, enters dangerous situations alone, and is exceptionally tough and aggressive.

Rambo reboot is expected to hit the theater sometimes by the end of 2017.