We are reaching that point of the year where we realise that we had a crappy year, decide to sort our lives and get into a reflective mode. The end result is always “Resolutions for 20XX” and we know how those turn out. To be honest, New Year Resolutions don’t last for the basic fact that they are too ambitious. The simpler and realistic the resolution, the easier it is to keep. We have some we’d like to put out there, especially for those who have a hard time sticking to them.

1) Set aside a few minutes to read every day

Reading for a set amount of time every day accumulates to a great deal over time. This helps people stick to their goals of reading a certain amount of books every year.

2) Be thankful when needed

A token of appreciation for tiny things helps both parties – the receivers mood and the speakers’ personality.


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3) If something takes less than 2 minutes, DO IT!

For the most of it, daily tasks take a small amount of time. Take your room for starters; half the mess is because you were lazy to keep things in their place. How long would it take? a few measly seconds individually.

4) Consistent Bed Times

This is scientifically proven. Sleep is like clockwork. The body functions better when it sleeps for a consistent amount of time on a regular basis within the same time-space. Following the science of sleep cycles will help a lot too.

5) Maintain a Journal

Sometimes, we forget the tiny things in life.  A journal helps us record these minor achievements that indirectly help us stay on track. Preparing for the next day also helps by noting down things to be done in order of their priority. Maintaining a Journal is classy, old school and extremely effective.

We hope 2018 is a better with our suggestions for your Resolutions and we do hope that you can keep them. Let 2018 be based on your reflection of 2017.
Fun Fact: Tomorrow is the end of the week, month and year. To a bright 2018!