I managed to finally get my hands on the new album by Niall Horan. The album titled “Flicker” was eluding due to some constraints and when I got to listen to it I was impressed and underwhelmed at the same time. Weird right? It’s an album that can sound good and generic based on your mood. At least, it’s how I feel!


Photo: atrl.com

First Impressions:

So, I have heard “Slow Hands” and “This Town” quite a bit since they came out early. One has a generic ‘soft pop’ feel while the other sounds like an Ed Sheeran track; so not much to talk about here.

“Too Much To Ask” is a pretty good song if you’re at a coffee place or cuddled in bed on a rainy day, with a good book. Honestly, this applies to most of the songs in the list. “Seeing Blind” has good vibes and it features Maren Morris, a singer who had her breakthrough last year with her country album that included the hit “My Church”.

“Paper Houses” is my favourite of the lot, probably because of my mood in general. The song has generic, warm, fuzzy lyrics that we can relate to easily. It pretty much describes liking someone and facing the hard reality that ‘it wasn’t meant to be’. I can relate Niall, I really can.

Should You Listen?

Unless you are lifting weights or running late to work, it should be fine. Yes, you won’t like it if you hate One Direction; then again, you wouldn’t be here. Honestly, it’s not like One Direction but the pull can be seen. There are minor influences of Fleetwood and his love for the Eagles can be seen. Let’s just say it doesn’t have the same feel and power but yeah, it’s good (if you aren’t being snobby).

Where Can I Listen?

Spotify or Apple Music are your best bets! Unless you have the patience to individually search them on YouTube or Saavn too (for those who don’t use Spotify or Apple Music).