Wanna Get paid to your Tuition fee for studies by Nicki Minaj then do as Nicki says, She said if anyone shows the proof of getting A’s (which is good grades) all over her academic she will help them in paying their tuition fee.

Look at here:

And When a Fan asked Nicki to pay his fee, and Boom there it all started..

Nicki Minaj did this all night also requested a proof from their respective universities that they gor 4.0 GPA’s for a fan.

She Helped a lot including the college fee and other request which benefited the educational purpose of their fans.

Also Student Loans.

She Spent the Night going on replying the tweets of their fans and spending for their dreams.

She did to all 30 of them.

This was the best, a rapper can be generous to her fans

She paid the fee which varied from all kinds of amounts from small to Big.

Let you be in any part of the country she helped all over the globe.

This is making a difference in people’s life. And it must have felt very good to be able to do it! Hats off and low for this Lady!

And additionally she even said she will do this again further in a month or two.

Hope other stars also take such beautiful initiatives.
For now Nicki Minaj gets huge Respect.
Love you Nicki.