We all agree that whatever we are today it is because of the role play of our schools, our environment, our peer groups and our family after all. But nothing beats the everlasting impact of our parents on us.  Be it the love, the care and concern or be it being there for us in the gloomy times nothing can beat our parents. But  we often see, in most of our lives, the roles of our mothers is more highlighted than our fathers. But if we look closely, fathers care no less, they just show less.

Yes it is true that our moms do care and worry for us the most. But the slight ignorance of our fathers has it own benefits. Their rational approach makes us think and act practically. Their habit of making us do things on our own makes us independent in the long run. Our fathers might not be satisfied by our scores or our grades but somewhere it makes us want to perform better. They might not boast us or please about us all the time but this makes us work even harder to give them reasons to do so.

Well, it is true not all fathers are the same. Some provide their children with everything they want to give them a life which they could not lead. Others, don’t always fulfill all of them but it is only to make them realise the value of hard work. Some talk to their child to know everything that is going on in their life. Others don’t because they want their child to decide the difference between right and wrong on their own and mature sooner.

Whatever might their ways be, we should always know they want the best for us. Initially, due we might not always find their ways reasonable. But, in the long run we realise all the measures they took against or for us was for our betterment. After all, they have seen and experienced much more than us. All they want to do is guide us. Scolding and restrictions are a part of it. Yes, sometimes they do fail at different things. Given the vast difference between them and us, it is at times difficult for him too to figure out how to approach us.

Our fathers don’t run behind us like our mothers. Neither do they call us all the time to ask how are we doing. They trust their upbringing, they trust us so they let us make our decisions and work out our life on our own. And we, on our part should never let their trust down. Fathers are background workers. They work hard ,day and night to give us a life of comfort. Mothers can be our best friend, but for most of us our fathers are our role models. Mothers build our morality; Fathers, our future.