Yesterday on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, India’s prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in New Delhi. Several ministers from Modi’s cabinet were present in the event. The centre will be dedicated for the welfare of the Indian Diaspora. In his speech, Mr. Modi highlighted the how Indian Diaspora can convert Brain Drain into Brain Gain for India. Amidst the rising tension between the neighbors,  Mr. Modi said India has “never attacked any country first”. In fact, India’s brave soldiers have fought for others-

“This country has never been hungry for land. We have never attacked any other country first. We are a nation that has laid down lives for others. During the two World Wars, more than 1.5 lakh Indians became martyrs. Unfortunately, we have not been very effective in telling this to the world”

You can watch the above video and skip to 11:40 for above statements. However, reputed Pakistani media like Daily Pakistan Global and Dunyanewstv twisted his speech saying India never conducted any surgical strike.

No doubt there is so much hatred between people of both countries. When their media itself is misleading the innocent Pakistan citizens, how can there be peace between the two nations on brink of war. This is not the first case of such phenomenon. Just 3 days back, another Pakistani media Geotauaisay twisted an article published in Japanese magazine The Diplomat. The article written by Shawn Snow merely speculated whether India performed Surgical-Strikes or not. The article critically analysed both India’s and Pakistan’s claim about the strikes. However, the media dropped the other side of the analysis and reported only half truths. You can watch the video below and read the actual article following it.

Japanese News Paper Exposed the Drama of Indian Surgical Strike in Pakistan

Is India Capable of a Surgical Strike in Pakistan Controlled Kashmir?

As all potatoes in same bag cannot be rotten, reputed Pakistani media Dawn didn’t distort any facts and reported actual statements of Modi’s speech.