Peugeot had been offering autos in India just about 2 decades back however the organization neglected to catch a partake in the market and close its Indian operations at the appropriate time of time. Things have taken a huge turn now and the PSA Group is headed to deliver traveler autos and also powertrains in India.

PSA Group consented to two arrangements with the CK Birla Group today. As a component of the principal understanding, PSA Group will hold a larger part stake in a joint-wander organization being setup with HMFCL (Hindustan Motors Finance Corporation Ltd) for get together and dissemination of Peugeot autos in India. As a major aspect of the second assention, PSA Group and AVTEC Ltd will have a 50:50 joint wander for assembling and supply of powertrains.

The organization will have both the assembling locales in Tamil Nadu and around Rs. 700 crore will be contributed. The organization will begin offers of the vehicles and in addition powertrains by 2020.


This Sexy Lion Symbol on Car Determines Reliability

We Indians might not know the value of this “The lion” ( as it is called in Africa ) , but many Peugeots of 1950’s and 60’s are still found to be running in 2010 in Africa and Cuba. That shows how reliable they are which is the main scenario a car buyer in India would be looking at !!

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