Pewdiepie glitch highlights!!!

In the last 48 hours pewdiepie (Felix, the most subscribed channel on youtube with over 51 million subscribers) has lost over 500k subscribers, because of a glitch in the youtube algorithm. About which he has made a live stream about. This glitch caused a single unsub to be counted as multiple unsubscriptions.

Youtube has been known to make mistakes like this in the past, pewdiepie and countless other creators have complained about this. Youtube however hasn’t made much progress in rectifying it. But last night it got way worse than ever before, pewdiepie live streamed while he was losing hundreds of subscribers per minute. In the video he says over and over again that this problem has occurred several times in the past but youtube hasn’t come forth with a strong solution to combat the problem.

His video:- (coarse language)

Youtube glitches

This glitch has happened a lot of times prior but not in this extent. Some other glitches that youtube hasn’t found a solution yet to include

  • Deletion of comments stating it had words which were blocked by the Youtuber (when it wasn’t the case).
  • View count to be stuck for hours and views not being counted when there is heavy traffic directed towards a video.
  • Subscribers being unsubscribed from channels randomly.
  • Subscribed youtuber’s videos not being shown in the subscriptions category.
  • Bots not being filtered out in the comment section of a video.

Though Youtube has made claims that the problem will be solved immediately, it has yet to resubscribe the lost subscribers to the channels

After the live stream, most of Pewdiepie’s subscribers (who he fondly calls “bros”) have resubcribed, after they found out about the glitch. He has regained all the subscribers he has lost. But countless other youtubers weren’t as lucky. They have lost a significant amount of subscribers because of this glitch.