Pewdiepie Vs Main-stream media!

Youtuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Pewdiepie)  just took a stand against main-stream media. Felix made a video response about what actually happened which lead to Disney cutting ties with him. This may just be the biggest showdown ever.




Felix, the biggest Youtuber, just made a stand against the main stream media. He said that they publish about how rich he is, not about the charity work or his shows.

Marker studios/ Disney

Marker studio released a statement last week stating that they have cut ties with Felix. In the last 6 months, he has made some remarks about different websites which accept money to do some kind of service and how easily it can be pushed past any moral boundaries which was misinterpreted as him making anti- Semitic remarks. Youtube released a statement later that Felix’s original Youtube Red show called “scare pewdiepie” has been cancelled.

His response

Felix made a response video on his channel starting off by saying that he is lucky enough to have his hobby as job and the more people who know about him mostly know him for the money he is earning through his work.

He showed great displeasure about how the whole situation played out. He said rather than him losing sponsors, he was more angry that all the people who worked on the projects with him were now gonna have their hard work wasted.

Fan support

After he uploaded the video, support started pouring in from all directions. His fans as well as many other big youtubers have come forward to support him. Some of them being his friends Mark, and Jack and another Video creator Shane dawson have come forward to support him. the hashtag #istandwithpewdiepie has become a trendy topic on twitter.



For now we have no idea what this all will lead to. What are your thoughts on this whole drama? comment below and share if you like this article.