Phillip Phillips is back to music and his song ‘Miles’ was uploaded just recently. The singer is popularly known for “Gone, Gone, Gone” and “Home”. Having finally released a new song, the American Idol winner revealed that he would be releasing his third studio album. It would be nice to have some good music (among modern artists) released for a change and the expectations won’t be low at all.

You can listen to Miles down below:

New to Phillip Phillips?

For those of you who haven’t heard of Phillip Phillips, the first thing you must do is go on a song spree! He is a winner of American Idol and his songs have a beautiful blend of rock, pop and folk genres. Some of his most popular songs are “Home”, “Gone, gone, gone” and  “Unpack Your Heart” but do give his albums a listen. His music oozes happiness and a sense of adventure and I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Some of his tracks can be heard below: