Only people living under the rocks won’t remember the epic clash between Brit journalist Piers Morgan and cricketer Virender Sehwag. Morgan had mocked India’s performance in Rio Olympic to which Sehwag and fellow twitterattis gave befitting reply. Since the incident, Sehwag and Piers Morgan have had a Ross-Rachel relationship, minus the love. One such hot incident trending in twitter bazaar is Morgan’s reply to Sehwag’s tweet over India winning Kabaddi World Cup. But before we elaborate on ‘that’ incident, it’s important to provide the context behind it.

A few days ago, lauding India’s performance in Kabaddi World Cup 2016, Sehwag tweeted –

Piers Morgan just couldn’t resist himself from replying.

Little did he know that twitterratis were lurking around. Sehwag didn’t bother replying as his followers did the job for him.

Sehwag didn’t reply at the time. He was waiting for an opportune moment. And he got one! India won Kabaddi World CUp 2016 by defeating Iran in grand style yesterday. Sehwag congratulated the Indian team while taking a dig at Morgan –

Sehwag finally had his revenge. But, Morgan tried to have the last laugh.

Clearly, he hadn’t learned anything before. In a blink of an eye, his wall was filled with tonnes of responses from Indian twitterratis.

Hope he learns his lesson this time.