What comes to your mind when you think of PIZZA? The oozing cheese, the aroma that makes your nose drool, the sensation when your teeth bite through the crust, the fancy toppings or the whole idea of romancing the pizza slice with your five senses? Beautiful and mouthwatering isn’t it? Let’s go and grab a slice of the creation straight from heaven.


Credits: Wallpaper abyss

How often do we think about the irregularities associated with pizza? Irregularities? Haven’t thought about it anytime or do you believe what can be irregular with the perfect pizza?

There are many amigos. Let’s start with the box- a circular pizza coming in a rectangular box. Funny isn’t? The circular pizza cut into triangular slices? The uncreative way of the toppings spread. The list doesn’t stop here. You can think of many.

But do we stop loving pizza despite its imperfections? No way.

Then why stop interacting, talking to or judge people based on their color, religion, language or the way they look.

When we can be so open-minded and accepting with just a meal, why not extend that to the people with whom we share the meal with?

What do you do when the pizza gets cold? Throw that away? No way that anyone will commit the biggest sin ever. 

Instead, we microwave that and eat when it’s hot again. We always give second chance to the cold pizza. 

Why stop talking to people or delete them from your life when they hurt you, disappoint you or cheat on you. We are humans and bound to commit mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. Why not give a second chance for people to correct themselves? 

I say extend this “pizza love” to humans too. That way, you aren’t doing a whole lot of good to the world but you are finding the key to your happiness.