In December 1983, the IRAS, space observatory made headlines when they announced that they had used an infrared satellite to detect an unknown object…….was it Planet X?

Yeah, I know that’s their job, but trust me what they claim is really the center of our today’s discussion.

So, what did they found?

Planet X

Planet X maybe?

The observers claimed to find a larger object possibly as large the planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that It would be a part of the solar system. Back then this mysterious objected was detected twice in a period of six months, near the constellation Orion. They also claimed that this object is so cold that it casts no light, which also explains why we haven’t seen the object before by optical telescope on earth on in space.

The IRAS even reported that the object appeared to be moving towards earth. This astronomical observation had been made as part of a joint venture between the government space organization of USA, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. With the discovery of the unknown celestial object, it seemed conceivable that the search for the elusive planet X is finally over.

Dr. Ray T Reynolds of the Ames Research Center in California reported that other astronomers are so sure of the 10th planet, that they think there is nothing left but to name it.

So why do we still have 8 planets?

Oh, 9 planets they consider Pluto a planet again. Well just after four years after the groundbreaking discovery in 1987, NASA announced it had failed to find any evidence to support speculations that planet X is out there.
So, what had happened to this unknown object?

Yea, I smell government and NASA conspiracy too.

Evidence of planet X has been observed in the skies for centuries. Even before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, astronomers believed that there were two giants planets in our solar system yet to be discovered.
In 1834, astronomer Peter Andreas Hansen was confident that a single planet alone couldn’t explain the seemingly erratic motion of Uranus’s orbit.

Celestial Mathematician, Urbain Le Verrier, was able to use observations of Uranus’s orbit to accurately calculate the position of previously unknown Neptune without even using a telescope. But when Neptune was discovered, It was deemed to be too small to be the only Planet affecting the Uranus’s orbit, and even Neptune’s orbit appeared to be affected by a strong on the edge of our solar system.

Thus, after the discovery of Neptune, the hunt for the planet X heightened.

In 1911 Indian astronomer Venkatesh P. Ketakar hypothesized that the position of two unknown planets further than Neptune, one of which was later discovered to be Pluto, but the existence of the second planet was never confirmed.

Could it be possible that for hundreds of years’ scientists have known the position of planet X but haven’t been able to observe it because it was too dark to be seen?

Was this what IRAS had detected?

While it is predicted that planet X sits on the edge of our solar system, the implications of its existence are much closer to home.

In 1984, physicist Richard A muller, using Fossil records, was able to postulate that mass extinctions are not random but occurred regularly every 26 million years. He suggested that every 26 million years an external force such as a large planet passes through the Oort cloud a source of commits at the edge of our solar system, causing commits to crash violently to earth leading to deaths of all species on the planet.

So, was it a government cover-up planet X to suppress public panic?

Possible Path Of Nibiru

Possible Path Of Nibiru

Despite NASA’s claim of not finding any evidence of planet X in 1987, John Anderson of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory proposed that it was a simply missed by NASA’s satellites as it must be traveling in an elongated orbit nearly at a right angle to the orbits of the other planets.

Well, according to his theory such an orbit will get the planet close to our solar system only every 700 to 1000 years.
Despite NASA’s various announcements, speculation surrounding Planet X continues. In particular, the mysterious planet has been linked with the Nibiru cataclysm.

Now What’s Nibiru Cataclysm?

Nibiru Cataclysm

Nibiru Cataclysm

Zecharia Sitchin interprets ancient Sumerian mythology to determine that there is a planet beyond Neptune called NIBIRU, that has an orbit that brings it within earth’s orbit every 3600 years.

Based loosely on Sitchin’s research. The Nibiru cataclysm refers to a collision or a near-miss between Earth and another planetary object, which is predicted to happen in the early 21st century.

Could it be the Unknown Object That IRAS had detected moving towards earth?

According to an idea proposed by Nancy Lieder in 1995, predicts that the gravitational force of the planet X will cause a cataclysmic shift in earth’s poles, leading to an end of life on earth. She also claimed all the natural disasters said to be caused by global warming are a cover-up of the imminent arrival of planet X.

The existence of planet X and the possibility that it can cause apocalypse on earth have triggered numerous doomsday theories worldwide. Nancy Lieder initially claimed that the planets collision date is some were in 2003 but when the date came and went Nancy Lieder stated that the real date of the collision was December 2012.

Big Mayan calendar fan I guess.

Well, we are still here that means she was wrong again.

Believers of planet X conspiracies accuse NASA of concealing evidence of its existence since 1983.

If planet X does actually exist it seems most of us won’t know for sure until it’s too late, but according to the government, there is nothing to worry about.